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Review: A Certain Wolfish Charm by Lydia Dare

I'm little behind in blogging and keeping up with weekly meme's. I've had a ton of doctors appointments, since I just recently got insurance again. I've been to the doctor twice, the dentist once, and the eye doctor also once. I have to visit all three of them again later in the month. Its crazy.

My teeth feel so raw! Though I'm happy to have insurance again! Now if I get sick, everything will be okay.

Also, I've started running 3 times a week. I now go to bed early so I will have enough energy to crawl out of bed and kill myself on a short run. I usually blog really late at night, cause thats when I finish reading a book and like to blog when all the information is still fresh on my mind; def. cuts into my blogging time now that I go to bed early.

Anyways, I finished this book a couple days ago but I was to tired to give my opinion.

A Certain Wolfish Charm by Lydia Dare

4/5 stars.

Lily Rutledge lives a simple, happy life. She takes care of her nephew, Oliver York (Earl of Maberley), whose parent's died in a tragic carriage accident; leaving the Duke of Blackmoor, Simon Westfield his "legal guardian". Yet Simon is anything but a guardian to Oliver, which leaves Lily furious, especially now that some odd things have been happening to Oliver.

Lily has previously tried contacting the Duke with letters but all he sends back is money. Lily decides if he isn't even bothering to read her letters she'll just show up at his home where he can't ignore her.

The last thing Simon expected to find in his Hampshire retreat was Lily Rutledge, especially with the full moon coming in just a couple days. He immediately hides in his office even knowing she has seen him and has ordered his butler to send her back where she came from. Yet Lily doesn't give up, she bangs on his door and shouts for him to come out. She then decides its better if his penetrating grey eyes weren't focusing on her, and that she'll just talk there. Lily tells the Duke that she believes something isn't right with the way Oliver is developing. 

Simon then yanks the door open, having Lily fall into his arms....over and over again. ;)


I really enjoyed this book. When I first started it I didn't think I'd get used to the "Your Grace" this and that, but I actually found the setting of the book rather fun and enlightening.

I would have given the books 5 stars if it didn't seem like their relationship wasn't so BAM, I LOVE YOU! Okay, it wasn't like that but they got together rather fast.

Also, I didn't like Simon grabbing her one moment and then shoving her away the next. He would say one thing and then do the complete opposite, though I guess that could be kinda cute but annoying at times. Lily did the same exact thing in some parts of the book. So I guess they are meant to be.

The cover is very nice. The guy has a hairy chest, hehe. How come they rarely show the guys face and always the girls face? I'm pretty sure 90% of the readers want to see the guys face. Another thing I think in the book it said her hair was auburn, doesn't really look auburn on the cover. Though the girls eyes are very pretty and her skin looks very soft.

There was one thing in the book I didn't know what it was. If I wasn't so lazy I'd look it up and get the word for you guys, but I'm feeling extra lazy today. I just know it was an article of clothing, I believe a part of Simon's clothing.

Loved this quote: ""You will see me, Your Grace," she called. What other woman, he wondered, could make "Your Grace" sound so much like an insult?""

Think I'll definitely buy this book. And would say its a must read!

Ps. Hairy chest. For some reason that is making me laugh! ^^

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Redd said...

This review of yours tickles me to high heaven! =)

First, bless your heart..hope things are much better now considering it's April. LOL. Yeah, it's late & it just hit me on the date. Heh..

I read this because I have the same book on my kindlewishlist and have been eyeing it for a while. *grins* A long while. I cracked up on the hairy chest comment. Didn't even noticed that it was hairy. XD

Thanks Catherine for the fabu review!

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