Saturday, July 31, 2010

Voices of Dragons by Carrie Vaughn

Voices of Dragons by Carrie Vaughn.

4/5 stars.

I really really enjoyed reading this book. It captured me immediately; the storyline esp., I've never read a book like it. Definitely a must read.

Voices of Dragons is a book about a girl named Kay Wyatt and a dragon named Artegal, who eventually become friends in their twisted world. Humans and dragons do not co-exist but long ago they signed a treaty where no dragon or human will cross each others borders...until now, where an accident in hiking lands Kay on Dragon territory.

Kay fears Artegal when she first meets him because all her life she has been taught to fear dragons. Though that soon changes when Artegal rescues her and asks her for a favor. Thus their friendship begins, risking everything they know.

There is so much I wish to add but just one thing would ruin it for you, which makes me sad because I want to go on and on about what I loved and what I disliked about the book.

Girl, Interrupted by Susanna Kaysen

Girl, Interrupted by Susanna Kaysen.

2/5 stars.

This book was entirely different from what I assumed it would be. I thought it would tell all about her 18 months in a psychiatric hospital, yet she only shared glimpses of what it was like there.

Other parts in the book she recalled disturbed me, esp the wrist banging and trying to see if she had bones in her hand. I was never a fan of reading about others self mutilation, it gives me the chills...

"I turned my hand over quickly. The back of it wasn't much better. My veins bulged--maybe because it was such a hot day-- and the skin around my knuckles was wrinkly and loose. ...........skipping ahead.........Or perhaps those weren't bones but tendons? I poked one, it was resilient, so probably it was a tendon. Underneath, though, were bones. At least I hoped so.

I poked deeper, to feel the bones. They were hard to find. Knucklebones were easy, but I wanted to find the hand bones, the long ones going from my wrists to my fingers.

I started getting worried. Where were my bones? I put my hand in my mouth and bit it, to see if I crunched down on something hard. Everything slid away from me. There were nerves, there were blood vessels; there were tendons. All these things were slippery and elusive.

"Damn," I said."

There were tons of lines I loved in this book. Here are some of the parts I loved:

When she is explaining her wrist banging:

"I was like an anchorite with a hair shirt. Part of the point was that nobody knew about my suffering. If people knew and admired--or abominated--me, something important would be lost."

"I was trying to explain my situation to myself. My situation was that I as in pain and nobody knew it, even I had trouble knowing it. So I told myself, over and over, You are in pain. It was the only way I could get through to myself ("counteract feelings of 'numbness'."

This book is also a movie with Winona Ryder, Brittany Murphy, and Angelina Jolie. I will watch the movie and see if its better than the book.

I know this post sucked, I don't have much to say about the book, except it didn't wow me; yet it did disturb me in tons of parts. I guess that is something.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Rules of Attraction by Simone Elkeles

Rules of Attraction by Simone Elkeles

3/5 stars.

Just finished reading the book, it wasn't so bad but it wasn't as amazing as Perfect Chemistry, which is book #1 by Simone Elkeles.

Rules of Attraction is about Alex's brother Carlos. Carlos is currently living in Mexico with his mother and little brother, Luis; when they decide its better for Carlos to go live in Colorado with his brother, Alex. Carlos is your regular asshole main lead guy, who thinks he doesn't need anyone and that believes he is a total badass. He gets to his new school and gets set up with a peer guide, Keira, a friend of Alex's.

Keira is the main female lead, who is pretty much awesome with just one problem, she stutters when she is nervous. She isn't an average girl, she doesn't dress up or care about looks, instead she loves fixing up her old car, being outdoors and anything that can be a challenge.

The book brings Keira and Carlos together through some troubling events in Carlos new life in Colorado, to the point Carlos moves in with Keira's family; which leads things to heat up between the two.

Yet Carlos doesn't want to be emotionally attached to anyone, he just wants a girl who is an easy lay. Where as, Keira wants Carlos to be her boyfriend and to feel something for her or at least show some emotion beside being an ass.

I did love the chemistry between Carlos and Keira, though near the end I felt she put all the drama there, it was rushed to me. One second he is in deep trouble and the next he is out of it, but oh well, I love a happy ending. I do love how she ends it with them in the future.

I wonder is there a third book for Luis? Is he a wanna be gangbanger? Guess I'll look into it, check out this book. (I need a new line cause I almost typed its an easy and enjoyable read again.)

Be sure to read Perfect Chemistry and Rules of Attraction too. They are worth it.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Two Way Street by Lauren Barnholdt

Two Way Street by Lauren Barndholt.

4/5 stars.

I liked this book. Actually I love books written like this one was, where it has the girls thoughts in one chapter and the boys thoughts in the next.

I should mention, that I'm very proud I even finished this book today seeing how I was dying of cramps while reading it and could not possibly find a comfortable sitting position to read it in, but it was just soo good that despite my urge to just let death take me I continued to read. But anyways....

This book is about Courtney and Jordan who drive to college together. Yet the twist is, Jordan dumped Courtney for a girl he met on right before the trip too and Courtney is forced to go. The story unfolds with how they met, their dates, the reason he dumps her, and the road trip to college.

Courtney still definitely has the hots for Jordan and the same goes for Jordan. Yet throughout the book we find out why Jordan dumps her for this so called girl on Myspace, who has no name. Though truthfully......I won't say. Haha I almost did but then that would spoil it but if you had 1/4 a brain then you will get it pretty instantly when your reading, if not, maybe you should read books for 5-13 age group.

So a little background about the characters you get to spend 3 days with in a road trip with.

Courtney is a average girl who forever has had the hots for a boy named Lloyd, who is basically her best guy friend, yet where he might just be completely clueless to her feeling.

Then there is Jordan, a total player. A total guy who manipulates girls, screws them and dumps them.

Jordan and Courtney meet a party where Courtney plans to confess her long time love to Lloyd but a series of events take place. One is Jordan's best friend B.J. is dressed as a leprechaun and is basically humping Courtney's leg as well as drooling all over it. Secondly, Jordan rescues Courtney and then begins to use her to drive the girl who he plans to get into her pants later crazy with jealously. Lastly, Lloyd eventually shows up and acts all jealous and takes Courtney away only to take home another girl with them and dump her off like she was a third wheel.

But the night doesn't end there, Jordan calls Courtney and asks her to go eat.....Then the story takes off.

I just want to go on and on about this book, but then you'll basically know everything about the book and have no point in reading it.

Read it. Its good!

Bloom by Elizabeth Scoot

Bloom by Elizabeth Scott.

3/5 stars.

I read this book last night right after I finished reading Going Too Far. Reading books right after each other on the same day is very confusing and sometimes my brain deletes information and stores other information. So recalling this book was basically me reading the back of the book again and my brain rebooting and collecting the deleted data.

So bear (or is it bare) with me on this review because before I reread the back of the book I couldn't even remember the characters names.

This book is an okay book in my opinion, I enjoyed it; yet I didn't love it. It also had a few annoying points in the book which I'll get to later.

Anyways, Bloom is book about a girl named Lauren who has the perfect boyfriend. Yeah I'm serious thats the storyline. So as I was saying Lauren is dating totally perfect, football star boyfriend, Dave. On the back of the book, it says Lauren has good friends, though I say she has a good friend, cause basically Lauren has her best friend, Dave and thats about it. So technically speaking the back of the book is wrong, but I guess it could refer to the friend she gets later on in the story.

As I was saying, Lauren has super duper perfect boyfriend Dave. Thats not the whole entire story, thank god, or I would have not picked up the book in the first place. So Lauren is dating Dave, her insignificant life can't be any duller until Evan Kirkland reappears in her life.

Evan literally shakes Lauren's world into a spiraling chaos. She begins to question her perfect relationship with Dave, of course, I hope you all saw that coming like I did. But just wait this book has a twist, her and Evan used to live together, you know kinda like siblings, because you know this book had to have something else to complete it. So I'll go over that, Lauren has mommy issues, meaning her mom up and left her and her dad when she was little. Then her dad had dating issues and would date women for short amount periods of time and then let them move in with her and then cheat on them and get a new woman in the house shortly after.

Thats where Evan comes in. Her dad meets Mary right around the time her mom left, maybe a 1-2 year gap I think. So Mary and Evan move in and become a sort of family. Then it ends bad and they leave. Flash forward to high school and Lauren is sitting next to Evan in her torturous World History class. Thus the attraction begins. I won't add much more about the book, I'll let you find out the rest for yourself.

Anyways though, the book had some points that really annoyed me. Like for instance Lauren always thinking about her mom leaving them. And then her dad was rather annoying, never being there and never letting her drive herself anywhere afraid she was going to take off. And then the whole Lauren + Evan or Lauren + Dave crap was rather annoying and over drawn. Also her relationship with her best friend was annoying, though Lauren was a pretty shitty friend. Its just that Lauren was soo obsessed with being the popular couple, though truthfully Dave was the popular one not her and yet she mentions over and over about why she isn't popular yet.

The book is okay, the most parts I loved were her and Evan together. Lauren and Dave together was just annoying because Lauren always was acting and trying to be popular and I just couldn't wait til she left Dave's side to spend time with Dave.

But overall its a fast and easy read, can easily finish it in a couple hours. So check it out.

Going Too Far by Jennifer Echols

Going Too Far by Jennifer Echols

4/5 stars.

I really needed to read a book like this. I needed a book out of my usual paranormal-romance reading frenzy.

This book wasn't totally minding blowing but it was good.

Going Too Far is about a girl named Meg, who lives in a small town she can't wait to escape from.

I'm having a hard time writing about this book, oddly I can dish a lot about a book I don't like, because then I can pick out all the flaws in the book, yet I'm sitting here deleting everything over and over. Its because I liked the book and when I like a book I want to portray it as very awesome and make others want to read it too.

So I'll do my best in making it sound interesting.

As I was saying, Going Too Far is a book about a claustrophobic, blue haired punk girl named Meg. Meg is sort of a slut in my opinion, she is technically not dating the guy in the beginning, Eric (I think thats his name, haha). It starts with Meg and Eric and another couple wasted on a bridge. Talking about a myth about kids getting hit by the train that comes at night. Anyways both of the couples are pressed up against a wall doing their own thing, as Meg goes "Did you hear that?" Okay maybe not those exact lines, but thats always what people say when they are paranoid. Meg begins to question if the pot is making her crazy or if she is really hearing things.

Turns out Meg was hearing something. She was hearing the silent hum of the police car that arrests them. Meg and the other girl are taken into the police car that first arrives on the scene. They end up being taken to the police station. All the other kids but Meg get to go home because her parents basically disowned her and don't give a fuck anymore about her, so she chills at the police station until Officer After decides to put her in a cell. Little does he know she is claustrophobic, Meg hyperventilates and passes out.

So after the arrest, instead of having to pay the fines or go to juvenile detention or whatever its called, Officer After or Johnafter(how he is referred in the book) comes up with a plan that totally screws over the kids trip to the beach for Spring Break. Meg ends up getting stuck on duty with John for a week.

The funny thing is Meg thinks John is like 40 and married and has kids. But John is a well built, sexy 19 year old cop who is a kick-ass artist and also refuses to leave the small town they live in.

So basically while Meg thinks John is old, well build cop she plans to seduce him away from his wife; which oddly is very funny to me.

Anyways you get the idea of the story, Meg falls for John. John falls for Meg. Though it cuts deeper than that, you get to find out why Meg is claustrophobic and why John refuses to leave the town.

Thats all I have to say, so buy it or check it out. Its a fast and enjoyable read, I don't see a reason not to read it!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bought Books (REALLY?!)

I bought books. Okay not really. Basically used my used book credit at the bookstore near my house and got five books.

Three of the books are from series I'm reading. And the other 2 books are books I want to read. I also picked up a book from the library but never updated the blog about it.

Library Book - Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac - Gabrielle Zevin

Bought Books -
  • Uglies - Scott Westerfeld (Its in great condition!)
  • Pretty Little Liars (#1) - Sara Shepard (I was digging through bags at the store and was lucky enough to find this one! They had no others or I would have gotten them, I'm number 71 in line for #2, so plenty of time to read #1)
  • The Darkest Pleasure - Gena Showalter (In okay condition. Book #3 of the series, the next one I need to read, I don't own 1 and 2 but soon they will join this book.) (Forgot to mention the book has an ad right in the middle of the book, I found it very weird, and I'm afraid to pull it out, risking a chance of damaging the book.)
  • Maximum Ride - James Patterson (In okay condition, a few bent pages. #1 in the series)
  • School's Out Forever - James Patterson (In okay condition also, #2 in the series)

The Turning by Jennifer Armintrout

The Turning by Jennifer Armintrout.

2/5 stars. I haven't read a book that I loved in forever, it makes me not want to read any other of the books I have checked out because I check out books I believe are going to be amazing. Yet 2 books in a row are rather disgusting and boring. Way below my expectations.

I wanted tons of romance out of this book. Maybe a little more sex too. And a little-less nastiness. Like for example, the eye balls being put in the drink or ripped out of peoples eyes to replace the missing eyeball. Yeah, not soo pleasant.

Anyways, this book is about Dr. Carrie who gets the short end of the stick. She gets attacked in the morgue when she goes to see the body of the victim she ran away from. She ran away because his injuries were severe and yet he was still alive and looking at her. So she chickened out. Then another doctor questions her abilities and asks her why she wants to even be a doctor, so she mans up and goes to face the dead john doe.

You know the drill, she goes down there and john doe isn't there. Turns around bam there he is. He attacks her, she screams. Blood flying into her mouth, yada yada. She gets a good. She passes out when other doctors arrive. He is gone.

Basically in every vampire book, there are different ways to become a vampire. I believe in this one they have to ingest the others blood and then die. And bam hello eternal life. So after the other doctors find Carrie they rush to save her, she flat lines on the table, they bring her back and she pops up like a jack in the box, just kidding, she doesn't pop up on the table, haha that would've been funny though.

Also in some vampire books, there is a connection between the maker and the new vampire. Or the "sire" and "fledgling". The connection is supposed to be strong, strong like love.

Anyways, the book is basically about Carrie becoming a vampire and then discovering she has to make a choice, join a vampire group(The Movement) that is killing all the vampires until they are extinct or be killed right away. She tells them no one can tell me what to do and basically through out the whole book she remains undecided.

On the good side (which would be the Movement's side) there is the vampire who teaches her stuff about her kind, Nathan. And on the bad side there is her sire, Cyrus, who love for her is a little disturbing and I want to say fake, but that isn't the right word. Hmmm.....

So to sum the book up Carrie is stuck between having feeling for both Nathan and Cyrus; even if one is a complete freak, murdered and child molester.

This isn't such a bad book but it wasn't the best. Read at your own desire.

Won't be buying this unless book 2 is really kick-ass.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Kiss of Shadows by Laurell K. Hamilton

A Kiss of Shadows by Laurell K. Hamilton.

2/5 stars.

I honestly don't know what to say about this book. Was it amazing? No. Was it pretty simple? Yes. Was it rather disgusting? HELL YES.

Let me summarize it in my words then I'll find one off of

Meredith aka Merry Gentry is a princess of faeries (so many terms in the book, Unseelie/Seelie/Fey/Sidhe - that I honestly got lost in what to refer her as), anyways Merry isn't full faerie, she is half human, and part brownie I think? Correct me if I'm wrong if you read the book. (I read this book in a short period of time since it was due back today and couldn't renew it, soo I read as fast as I could not absorbing minor details I didn't have time to care for. Okay more like snail read, plus I wimped out and totally passed out last night and had the best sleep ever.)

Oh before I move on with telling you what the book is about, I thought of an interesting thing while I was reading this book. I've noticed in a lot of the erotic books I read the girls are fairly short by my standards at least and always "dolled" up in leather, which I find not sexy but rather disgusting and wrong, seeing as I'm a vegetarian. And if you haven't guessed it Merry is one of those girls.

So Merry leaves the court after many attempts on her life, more like challenges. She is second in line for the throne. Before her is the Queen's son Cel, who doesn't like Merry. Okay no one in the court really likes Meredith but a few other faeries. So you get the point Merry runs away, yada yada, she is very good a disguise glamour, changing her appearance for the non-faerie reading people. She works for a magical organization that leads Merry and the team discovering a man worshiping faeries, which apparently isn't allowed.

Okay I'm eventually going to sum up the whole book and you're not going to want to read it. So basically Merry and the organization go after the dude. That leads to a whole ton of events leading up. Then assassins start coming after her. She flees of course. Doesn't get far. Trapped with octopus man wanting to screw her. Seriously it was disgusting reading it. Makes me wonder about the author who wrote it.

Seriously this story has no story line. Its guy after guy. Basically if I was to say the story line is Merry trying to stay away, fuck tons of guys, tons of nasty shit that cause I'm 10000000% human am repulsed by, become pregnant and become queen. Yep thats the story line. Now here is a real summary. Oh I'm kind of sad that I had to return the book today without getting any quotes, esp. the disturbing ones to disturb you all.

A better summary that doesn't include the nastiness. Taken from

"My name is Meredith Gentry, but of course it’s not my real name. I dare not even whisper my true name after dark for fear that one hushed word will travel over the night winds to the soft ear of my aunt, the Queen of the Air and Darkness. She wants me dead. I don’t even know why."

Meredith Gentry, Princess of the high court of Faerie, is posing as a human in Los Angeles, living as a P.I. specializing in supernatural crime. But now the Queen’s assassin has been dispatched to fetch her back–whether she likes it or not. Suddenly Meredith finds herself a pawn in her dreaded aunt’s plans. The job that awaits her: enjoy the constant company of the most beautiful immortal men in the world. The reward: the crown–and the opportunity to continue to live. The penalty for failure: death.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

4 New Books

Grabbed 4 new books yesterday when I was returning a huge pile of books the other day, most of which I did not read. Trying to be better at that, I hate returning books I didn't even start or finish, unless they completely sucked then thats okay.

Well here are the goodies I picked up:

  • Going Too Far by Jennifer Echols
  • Two Way Street by Lauren Barnholdt
  • Bloom by Elizabeth Scott
  • Rules of Attraction by Simone Elkeles
The books are in okay shape. One is in really good shape, hardcover and has a plastic cover over it. The other three have some bent pages and wrinkled covers but thats not as bad as the last batch I got.

The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson

The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson.

3/5 stars.

Sat down and read this book yesterday. Its a good book but not good enough for me to buy it. Yes I kept reading it like I was in one of my reading coma's but overall I won't buy it.

The Sky is Everywhere is about a girl named Lennie or later called John Lennon in the book. Lennie is a shadow, or used to be a shadow until her older sister, Bailey, just dropped dead one day. After a month of staying home Lennie returns to school and meets Joe, from France, "a music prodigy" everyone in the band calls him. Lennie is in a depressed state and Joe is like a freaking beaming ray of smiles, that Lennie gets sucked into his easy going, weird smiling when she first meets him.

Joe is not the only love interest in this book. There is Toby, Bailey's boyfriend. Basically Lennie has two guys; Joe, who makes the sadness go away and Toby, who she can be with and let it all out. Lennie's and Toby's emo-sit together eventually take a sick twist, to the point they almost have sex. There is one scene in the book where Bailey notices Toby has an erection when he is hugging her and she pulls away and later in the book, she thinks " This is what I hear in my mind: boner, boner, erection, hard-on,woody, boner, boner, boner--". Lennie is somewhat of a girl with crazy sexual needs, though she is a virgin and has only been kissed 3 times.

Besides the two boys in Lennie's life there is her Gran and her Uncle Big. Yes. Thats what they call him. Apparently Uncle Big is like a pimp in the town they live in. Every woman fawning over him, lets not forget he is a major pot head, with a booming voice, and a knowledge of plants. Speaking of plants, there is a plant in this story that according to her Gran and Uncle Big, it is Lennie. And Plant Lennie is dying and they don't know what to do. So basically the plant symbolizes Lennie and her no longer being a shadow or a mini pony (reference from the book.)

My opinion, read it. Its a good book to sit down and read. Yeah sure Lennie gets the emotional hots for her dead sister's boyfriend. Don't we all? Just kidding, I thought about that and was like I don't see how that possibly could happen, but hey not my book. I would love to spoil it and tell you who she ends up with but that would be mean XD

Enjoy it!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mistwood by Leah Cypess

Mistwood by Leah Cypess.

0/5 stars.

I did not finish this book. Nor will I ever. I read 107 pages of the book and literally could not go any further.

The storyline is different from what I expected. It hurts to read it. When I read a summary on a book site, I had assumed she was just one shifter, not multiple shifters. The story is rather boring. No suspense. No action. No romance.

Its basically her thinking "I am the shifter. Powerful. Intelligent." etc etc etc. Yet she has no memories of the past kings she protected. Nor does she remember how to even shift.

Basically a boring boring book. Read it if you want, maybe your brain can handle reading it, mine sure as hell couldn't.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hourglass by Claudia Gray (Contains Spoilers)


3/5 stars.

Bianca, what happens to you, sucks. Very stupid of you to choose that over the other thing.

Angry with this book. Angry with the characters. Angry with the author.

Seriously. I did not want that to happen.

This romance seriously sucks. 2 okay books, then this one is great. I was excited, excited she was finally becoming a vampire, but nooo Claudia Gray screws me over and gives me exactly what I don't want. And then I was okay fine, she is going to please me again, she has too. She doesn't.

So here we go anyways.

This is book 3 out of the Evernight series. It follows Bianca, who is a child born of two vampire parents. With a twist that you learn in book #2, they had help from wraiths aka "ghosts" to get prego with Bianca, there was a whole deal set in place; that when Bianca "died" she would become a wraith. Though her parents didn't want that, so thus the whole book #2 story. Vampires vs Wraiths. Etc etc. Read book #2.

So like I was saying, this book follows Bianca and basically her boyfriend Lucas. At the end of book #2, Evernight academy was being raided by Black Cross (vampire hunters). They successfully burned down the school. Black Cross believes Bianca is a human student at the vampire school and take her with them. Black Cross goes into lock down after the raid on the school, hiding from the vampires who they believe would want revenge, when they really just want Bianca back.

Anyways, her and Lucas are there together. They go through a series of event: Bianca going through training with another human student from the school, finding ways for Bianca to get blood, and vampires attacking. Eventually they break away from Black Cross after two serious event. A.) A vampire is captured that her and Lucas know and B) I will not reveal.

So yes basically, this book is about Bianca and Lucas getting away from the vampires and vampire hunters. They find a peace in a place a friend helps them get for awhile, until things start happening to Bianca; which leads to me getting very upset and wanting to stop reading.

I won't reveal anymore, just that I'm extremely pissed with the end and how Bianca gave up near the end.

Can't say I'm excited for book #4. Why would I want to read a book after the last one highly disappointed and upset me?

New Books

Went to the library the other day to return two books that were due, sadly couldn't recheck them. And I never even began to read them.

I had books waiting for me. They are....

  • Flipped - Wendelin Van Draanen (could not get into - returned unfinished)
  • The Turning - Jennifer Armintrout (paranormal romance)
  • Love Eternal - J.R. Ward (paranormal romance - returned)

These books are in such horrible shape, its sad. Flipped it like about to fall apart on me, so I'm going to have to take super good care of it while I have it, so I don't return it duck-taped up. Lover Eternal and The Turning aren't exactly falling apart, but I can see it in the future for them. The Turning's cover is almost coming off. The spines are soo horrible, what did the people do to them?! Bend em like crazy?!

Maybe I should start taking pictures of the books, so you can see how terrible shape they are in. I feel like I'm talking about someone, but no I'm talking about the poor sad books.

*I'm making brownies*

If I Stay by Gayle Forman

I finished "If I Stay" last night.

2/5 stars.

Quick little summary, Mia and her family are in a tragic accident, everyone but her dies. Mia is left in a coma and is I believe having an outer body experience, where she can hear and see everything around her. She can hear her relatives, boyfriend and best friend talk to her, some telling her its okay to move on and others begging her to stay. So the story revolves around Mia's decision on whether to move on with her family or to stay behind with her boyfriend and everyone else. It takes you through the moment before the accident, how she met her boyfriend, her friendship with her best friend, and more experiences in her life, that will affect whether she stays or not.

I wish I could say what she chooses but the ending itself is rather disappointing. You just have to read it to find out.

Some things that did bother me is that her parents and little brother weren't there, yeah so they are dead but I wished she had seen them and everything. I don't know why but I want to say I didn't really care for some of the memories. I don't know what I wanted out the book, but I wanted more of something.

Not much more I can say about the book without spoiling it. Do I recommend it? Yeah, sure. Do I suggest buying it? No. Just check it out from your library.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's Not Summer Without You by Jenny Han

This will contain spoilers most likely. Don't read unless you have READ book one, The Summer I Turned Pretty.

I am amazing myself. I said I would read and I did. One book down, 14 to go. Woo!

Anyways, this book is number #2 in the series. There will be a third book that will be released in 2011, and you guessed it, Summer will be somewhere in the title! We'll Always Have Summer.

It's Not Summer Without You is the continuation of The Summer I turned Pretty. Both books are told mostly from Isabel aka Belly's point of view, though in some cases in this book Jeremiah tells his side to things. The book begins in the beginning of Summer obviously, but this Summer is different. Belly's family isn't going to the beach house after Susannah loses her battle from cancer.

It starts with Belly daydreaming about the good days when Susannah was still alive and all was well in her troubled "love triangle". This book doesn't wander further from The Summer I Turned Pretty. Belly is still an annoying heroine, who thoughts revolve around Conrad maybe 100000000% more. Belly's babyish behavior pretty much puts her on the outs with the boys and she avoids them after the death of their mom. Yet she can't stop thinking about Conrad...and more about Conrad....and some more about Conrad. Basically her thoughts are a zillion times about Conrad even when she is hating him and wanting to "dump" him in their really non-existing relationship.

So when Jeremiah calls and says Conrad is missing, she springs into action. That is basically the story. Okay he doesn't go missing, if you had half a brain you'd know where he went. But okay you don't know why he went there. So find that out yourself. And just like last summer, Belly's relationship is still at .01%

"Just like that, the moment was over. It was an almost moment, where almost anything could have happened. But he had made it over."

To me this book was way better than the first one. The first book recalls to many of their childhood memories and not enough romance. Though this one doesn't have much action, meaning kissing, etc. it is still better. And still I didn't feel bad for Belly in this book, just like I didn't in the first one. Though I can't explain why I liked this book so much, it was an easy read. It wasn't torturous to my brain or anything. It was simple.

I gave this book a 4/5 stars.

I'm still trying to get the hang of typing up things about the books, so bare with me for awhile.

Picked Up Today

Library Whore. Yep thats me. Officially.

I went to the library today. I picked up 6 books and returned only one. I have 15 books checked out. I'm overwhelmed with the amount of books I have checked out. About 5 are due back soon and I haven't even started reading them. So Library Whore needs to get her ass in gear and start reading like a maniac.

Well here is the goodies I got today.

Red = Read / Purple = Sucked and did not finish / Green = Returned
  • Hourglass by Claudia Gray (Book 3 of the series) (Vampire Series - Young Adult)
  • Mistwood by Leah Cypess (Paranormal Romance - Young Adult)
  • If I Stay by Gayle Forman (Life/Death - Young Adult)
  • Iron Kissed by Patricia Briggs (Paranormal - Adult)
  • A Rush of Wings by Adrian Phoenix (Paranormal Romance - Adult)
  • Heart of the Dragon by Gena Showalter (Paranormal Romance - Adult)

Basically all those above, I can't wait to dig in. Esp. the Gena Showalter book! Also "If I Stay" seems interesting!

I did finish Charlie St. Cloud by Ben Sherwood, but having trouble doing a post on it.


I need to read!

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