Monday, April 18, 2011

Reading Goal

I changed my reading goal for this year to 100 instead of 120. I'm really struggling to read right now and can't imagine reading 120 this year. Maybe I'll make it if I get out of this bad phase I'm having or maybe I'll just read 100. I'll be content with 100, even if its not my original goal.

I've finished reading Before I Die by Jenny Downham. Thats basically all I've read this month besides Tiger's Curse by Colleen Houck. I don't think I'll review either of the two, though will make short comments on this post.

Before I Die, was an okay book. It was sad and depressing. I didn't really care for her mom or her best friend. I thought a lot of people were horrible to her given the circumstances she was handed. Read it if you want, if not, that's okay to.

Tiger's Curse, I loved. Loved the cover and loved the story. Though I wanted to strangle the main girl on many occasions! I don't really like the kind of lead characters that belittle themselves and don't think they deserve so and so. Its rather tiring. This is a definitely MUST read! I thought book 2 was out and everything and was sad when I found out it wasn't.

That's all for now....still trying to dig myself out of the hole I put myself in.

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Phanee said...

You did right to change your goal, if you feel it's too much. 100 books in a year are quite a lot! I know, because I'm aiming for that too!

The whole point of reading books is to enjoy them! If you feel like your goal is preventing you from that, then by all means, lower it!

Smile and don't worry about the books!

Phanee :)

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