Friday, April 22, 2011

Review: Demon Glass by Rachel Hawkins

Demon Glass by Rachel Hawkins

4/5 Stars.

My first review in a long time. Sorry if its all over the place!!!

Wow! My head is totally spinning right now and my adreline is pumping through my blood like crazy! I haven’t felt this good after reading a book in a long time. Actually, I haven’t finished a book in a long time without being forced to do it.

I started Demon Glass a few days ago. I didn’t intentionally jump into it like I did today. I only started reading it because its due back tomorrow, so I read about 50 pages and put it down. I was feeling a little all over the place today and weirdly, I picked up the book and was ripped out of my chaos-filled world and into’s Sophie world.

Honestly, I could barely even remember Hex Hall. I could remember bits and pieces, some small and some big. Though I couldn’t put a lot together..But don’t worry Demon Glass brings back some memories of Hex Hall, like the ball and Sophie having to make her own dress. Or her seeing a “ghost”. Yet I couldn’t really remember why she was down there in the basement sorting items with Archer. I really wished I wrote a review or had a small data-base with all the series of books I read and all the major key points in a lot of these books. Seriously, how can I be expected to remember a lot of this info when the books come out a year or even longer after the last one?! My brain isn’t that good! Though there are books that definately attach themselves into my brain refusing to leave until the next book is released and can take its place.

Anyways, Demon Glass picks up with Sophie deciding to get into contact with her demon father, who happens to be the head of the council. Its not like Sophie wants to talk to her dead-beat dad, who sends the occassional crappy birthday card scribbled with “Your Father.”, but she wants to have her demonic powers removed....even if it could kill her... Sophie would rather die than turn into a monster like her great-grandmother, Alice, did.

Yet apparently, her dad has other ideas for Sophie. Her dad wants to bring her back to London and let her get in tune with her demon side, hoping she will change her mind. Sophie can think of a million other things she’d rather do than spend time with her dad, so she makes a deal, if her vampire, best friend, Jenna can come, she will. He easily agrees and asks for the principals if he could also bring the school’s healer/janitor, Cal along to.

But getting her powers removed isn’t the only thing that lies in London, according to rumors, Archer is there. Archer, her crush...the one who betrayed her....

Sophie and group in tow head off to London. She has no idea what is in store for her in this Summer or if she if she’ll come face to face with Archer or come face to something she never thought of before...

This book was amazing!

Besides the first 50 pages, I practically read it in one sitting!! Seriously, is it 2012 yet? Because I can’t stand not knowing what happens next! I want a lot of questions answered! I want to find out a lot, that I just want to type out but I’d rather not spoil it all.

At a lot of points in the book, I was just like come on Sophie! Your a demon! Whoop some butt! Yet she never really does, everyone keeps telling her she has all this power but she doesn’t want to weild it even though with the right control, she can control it. But she doesn’t! That just upset me so much. And near the end of the book, I kept thinking what’s the point of being one out two demons in existances if you can’t pull off some major mumbo jumbo?! Okay so I want Sophie, to be this all mighty goddess, is that so wrong? I just hate how sometimes the main character gets tossed around so easily. I seriously need some female leads that kick butt not take most of it.

Ah, I’m rambling! I do that a lot. Esp. when I’m excited like I am now. This book really got my blood pumping with excitement. I want the next one so bad! I can’t stand waiting! I don’t even want to read any other book besides book 3! Rachel Hawkins give me book number 3 please!!! We all know the world is ending in 2012, wink wink!!! Speed it up! Or just give me an advanced copy so I can get some sleep this week! All I’m going to be thinking about is all the possibilities for book three or what she could choose for Sophie. Argh!!!


Straylights said...

I love this series! I couldn't remember anything from the first book either so I had to reread it. Good thing they are quick reads! I wanted Sophie to kick butt too, like open up a black hole to demon world or something HAHA :D

Andrea said...

Sounds like I need to move this one up a little higher on my TBR pile.

Andrea @ Reading Lark

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