Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Tons of changes going on here!

1) A new blog name. From Library Whore to Miss Check Out. I love both names but I thought Miss Check Out would be more appropriate.

2) Simple layout. I looked at a ton of other book bloggers blogs and took suggestions from their pages. For example: "Currently Reading" / "Rating System" . Also another blog I subscribed to had this cool, little widget; so I made my own and called it Checked Out.

3) Future changes? I like the layout for now, but I would like one with a little more design to it. So I'll keep looking for simple but cute layouts. Also I don't like how the boxes are so big on "Currently Reading" , I wonder if there is some way I could change it. I hate the empty space there. (Already found a layout I'm very fond of!)

4) I should actually read something to blog about, right? The year is almost over and I need to finish reading 100 books or I'll fail my New Year's Resolution Goal!!!! Which reminds me, I need to update my list of books I've read this year. Maybe make a new post for it, or just take the last couple of books and then continue on a new post...

5) Getting subscribers. I need to get me some more readers, tehehe. I wouldn't mind having some people nit picking my blog, as long as they are nice about it. I could use all the help with this, though its only for fun. I'm not going to take this extremely serious, its a hobby not a job. So comments on what I could improve are welcome.

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