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Kissing Sin by Keri Arthur

Kissing Sin by Keri Arthur.

3/5 stars. 2nd book in the Riley Jenson Guardian Series.

(Note: Haven't felt like reading even though I have tons of books checked out or bought needing to be read, just can't make myself read lately. Though I did read this in one day, I think I'm in a paranormal romance phase, which that's only 2 of the books I have currently checked out. Even though I have the last book of the Hunger Games series checked out and still haven't touched it! Must be something wrong with me.)

So Kissing Sin continues with the mystery of who is making supernatural beings and kidnapping supernatural being and stealing their DNA, with Riley as their main target.

The book begins with Riley waking up naked and covered in blood in an alley way. She knows something is wrong; knows her wolf side is telling her to get the fuck out of there but she can't remember how she got there or why she is naked. She checks her surrounding and finds a dead man in shreds. She doesn't remember being in blood lust; doesn't remember killing this man.
Riley soon discovers she is in a town that isn't actually a town. There is nothing in the buildings, no people, no life...except the things searching for her. She runs into a stable and is greeted by horses. (Mentions horses and wolves don't really get a long.) Soon discovers that the horses aren't really horses, they are were-horses, basically shifters who turn into horses. The first horse she comes up to hides her from the people after her, she unchains the horses and they make their escape.

The horse that she is escapes is the sexy, "big" Kade, (who I believed to finally be her mate until I found out he was a horse-shifter, boo boo! The back of the book tricked me...) "He was just as magnificent in human form as he was in horse, his mahogany skin, black hair, and velvet brown eyes a truly striking combination." ..... "My gaze traveled down the length of him. It wasn't only his coloring that was magnificent. He was built like a thoroughbred--broad shoulders, powerful chest, slim hips, and long, strong legs. His rump and back still bore the barely healed whip scars, but he had the best ass I'd seen on a man since Quinn had walked in, and then out, of my life."

Kade and Riley manage to get farther away and end up in a small town. They take shelter in a house that looks like the people have been away for a while. They get cleaned up and then try to call people. Thus realizing they are farther away from where they live than they thought they were. Riley finally gets through to her boss, Jack (leader of Guardians - a strong, old vampire.) Once their help arrives, it not Jack that arrives with her brother Rhoan(Riley's twin brother, half-vampire/wolf, and Guardian), but Quinn (Ex-"mate", very powerful vampire). Riley is shocked upon Quinn appearance and wondering what the hell he is doing here, appearing before her again after he broke it off with her because according to him all were-wolves are "whores". (In this book, yes they are. My opinion at least.)

"I didn't hear the rest of his words. Didn't need to.
Because a second figure had moved into the doorway.
It wasn't Jack.
It was Quinn.
My heart did an odd little flip-flop, and for several seconds all I could do was stare. He hadn't changed any--though given it had only been a month or so since I'd last seen him, that was hardly surprising.
But oh, he looked good.
His body was athletic, lean but powerful. His burgundy sweater emphasized the width of his shoulder
s, while the tight fit of his jeans drew the eye to the long, strong length of his legs. His hair was night dark, longer now than it had been when I'd last seen him, and so thick, so lush. It was also unkempt, as if he'd thrust his hands through it many times. Those hands were currently in his pockets, and looked clenched. His skin was not the white of most vampires, but a soft, warm gold, simply because unlike most vampires, he could actually stand a lot of sunshine. His face...." (pg 57-58)

Now that she is out of the laboratory, she now has to go back there and find out who and what is there. Though deep down her stomach is clenching from the fear of going back there...even if she can't remember. She knows something bad happened there. After re-entering where she was kept, she passes out. She learns Quinn can enter her mind even if she doesn't want him too, when she thought he couldn't. Thus causing problems between the two even more, her thinking he lied to her. Along with the confusing part that he now wants her but still can't come to accept the nature of were-wolves.
They all head back to a safe house and begin to try to put the pieces together but Riley has one thing she has to do. She has a doctors appointment..the one appointment that could determine if she could have children or not. While walking into her doctors appointment, she runs into someone unexpected...Misha (her ex-mate, psycho cloned were-wolf who tried to impregnate her. He tells her he'll be looking forward to seeing her soon and that he is most fertile were-wolf out there. Riley gets the news that she has a year to conceive and have a child before her vampire side takes over and makes her infertile. She has a big decision to make, to bring a child into the world she is living in now or to give up the one thing every were-wolf wants. She makes her decision (I won't say what she choose.)

Either if she choose to have kids or not, it still leads her back to Misha because he knows who is behind all of the attacks on her and the DNA cloning going on. In order to get the answer she needs, she has to pimp herself out for answers to him. Thus beginning the unraveling of everything that is going on......

Kissing Sin was just as good as Full Moon Rising, though the summary on the back of the book made me believe she finally found her mate, Kade. Though he wasn't her mate, I'm trying to find out who her soul mate is but I get stuck into thinking, "Does it have to be a were-wolf?" or "Can it be other supernatural creatures, like Quinn?"

I'm very naughty because in both this summary and the last one I leave out a male character that appears, because I love their interaction together, and I just might believe he is her soul mate, though I
wouldn't be sad if she picked Quinn over the guy himself. Though deep down, I have this feeling that he might be somehow involved in all of this too. Cause apparently everyone Riley sleeps with is involved with this somehow. She needs to stop sleeping with everyone or she is going to end up dead.

Though I'm not sure this is ever going to be solved, seeing as the series is on book 9 and I've only just finished book 2. I can already tell this series will drive me crazy not knowing who is behind everything and who is her mate, which it already is doing. I'm not even sure if this book can hold my attention for another 7 books, because if this is the entire story line, I can see it getting very tiring, but I have hope in Keri Arthur, she won't let me down...I hope!

Oh, one last thing. I wonder who is on the cover, of course its Riley and some guy. But who is the guy? My instincts say Quinn cause the way his mouth is near her neck, but I'm not 100% sure. I must investigate.

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