Thursday, February 24, 2011

Need Help / Advice

I'm going a little mad right now. I'm trying to test out new templates but nothing is working. Its like it is refusing to do anything, even to accept my old one. I'm getting so frustrated. I try to hit the keep widgets, nothing happens. I try to hit save template, nothing happens. Just nothing happens. I don't know whats wrong, I even deleted all my sidebar things hoping if it had no stupid things it would save it and go on but no. It still won't go.

Anyone know what to do? Any advice?

I'm just going to keep trying until I get a least something to work.


Got my old one to work again, thankfully. All I want is a three column blog and to make extra pages on my blog, is that to much to ask for in a template??? Instead things have to mess up completely...sigh nothing is going right with this day at all.


The Golden Eagle said...

That has happened to me, as well. Sometimes I've found refreshing/logging out of Blogger and shutting the browser will help reset things. But I really don't know of any sure way of getting a template to work . . .

Straylights said...

I hear ya girly! I've tried making extra pages on my blog too and cannot figure out how to do it. I also cant figure out how to have a different template so thats why I haven't bothered to change mine from the original blogger template I picked out. LOL hope you figure it out though :)

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