Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Review: I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore

I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore

4/5 Stars.

I finished this last night and was going to blog about it right away to get my opinion down while the story was still fresh in my mind. Yet, I didn't because when I started to blog I couldn't think of how to refer to the main character or to even how to explain the story line. I'm going to try my best, so bear with me.


I am number Four. I come from the planet Lorien, which was taken over by the Mogadorians. I didn't come to this planet alone, there were 18 of us; 9 Garde's (Ones that develop Legacies(abilities/powers) to protect their planet) and 9 Cepan's (Guardians of the Gardes). We came to this planet to hide from the Mogadorians and to develop our Legacies and one day reclaim Lorien.

Before we left our planet an Elder put a charm on all of the Gardes, to protect us from the Mogadorians. The charm makes sure we can't be killed out of order; though sadly it comes with the defect of not working if we ever meet another Garde, we all become fair game(to be killed). Though if one of us is killed out of order the damage done to the Garde will go back to them.

One is dead. Two is dead. Three is sadly dead too. How do I know? Each time one of us dies a ring burns into my leg telling me one has died. I also know...I am next.

I have yet to develop any of my Legacies but Henri tells me I will some time soon. Who is Henri? He is my Garde, he is like a human's father to me. Together we stay hidden waiting for the day my Legacies show, for the day I can begin training to fight the Mogadorians. But for now, any sign of trouble we pack up and get rid of our currently identities.

Which has lead Henri and I to Paradise, Ohio. I am no longer the person I was in the last city. I am now John Smith. An average American boy, with asthma. You know, to cover up the fact that I'm stronger and faster than averages humans ;)

Though truthfully? I hope we can settle in somewhere. Somewhere I can at least be "normal".

But anyways this is my story. My story in hiding and growing stronger each day. And you never know, find some normal teenage boy stuff.


First off, the book and movie I can already tell will be completely different. It will definitely be more action packed than the book is, but don't get me wrong there is action in the book but not like how it is in the movie trailers. Also Henri doesn't have his "French" accent either, though I can live with that. I also kept waiting for him to have an extremely awesome power, cause his Legacies look cool in the movie, but hey those are special I guess that was changed a little too. I'm hoping they don't leave out Bernie Kosler and Sam Goode, very important characters in the book I must say!!

Though I didn't like how his name was Four. To me its just a number but oh well. Also I can't even remember the book giving a description of him at all, which is odd, but I just imagined Alex Pettyfer, not a bad image I must say. Hehe.

I'm ready for book number two which comes out this year. So I'll have seen the movie and bam later the second book comes out! Though I'm a little sad that Four won't be the main character again. I would have liked it if it was about Four and ******** travel together. (Haha typing this while playing my online game got me killed just a minute ago, blogging and killing a boss = deadly).

Anyways, I look forward to the next book and the movie. Here are some trailers to peek your interest even more!

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