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Review: Betrayed by P.C. Cast & Kristen Cast

Betrayed by P.C. Cast & Kristen Cast

4/5 Stars. Book #3 for Vampire Challenge 2011 hosted by Parajunkee's View.

Wow my head is still rolling after finishing the book. I want book three so I can just find out what happens. Going into this book I had an idea about who would betray Zoey but then there was a linger feeling if someone else might betray her....


It's been a month since Zoey Redbird has been at The House of Night; already she is in a class of her own. She is only third former to have a filled in mark, lets not forget the marks she acquired on her shoulders after saving Heath and Aphrodite from hungry vampire/ghosts! Zoey is also the only one who has shown an affinity for the five elements.

Just when she thought she could finally have a normal school life, well as normal as it can get for her, she now has the responsibility of leading the Dark Daughters. Zoey has big plans in store for the Dark Daughters/Son group; no longer wanting the group to be about being the most popular/beautiful kids in school or Aphrodite herd of friends/worshipers.

All the while Zoey tries to come up with ideas for the Dark Daughter, trouble arises in multiple forms: boys, boys and dead boys. Zoey struggles to deal with her relationship with Eric, her almost Imprinted ex boyfriend, Heath, and new connection to the first vampire Poet in years, Lorien. But those aren't the only boys troubling Zoey's life.  Boys whom she new from her days as a normal teenager have gone missing and have turned up dead around The House of Night. And all signs are pointing to vampire attacks...


Okay wow when I was typing this up I was trying to make sure I got all the guys names correct, so I tried to google a character list and every site was filled with spoilers! I had to avert my eyes super fast! Luckily, I don't think I read anything that will reveal/ruin much for me. But I think I might have seen something about Heath...sweet lordie I hope I forget it! I forget easily, so it shouldn't be that hard....except I don't forget things about books usually. I can still remember how someone totally spoiled the ending of Harry Potter for me and said who all died. I was like "Um I know who dies" and they are like "The movie won't come out for'll forget!" And I still remember!!!! (I haven't read the books!)

I really am starting to like this series. I've read a lot that people think Zoey is kind-of slutty for having multiple guys in her life, but when I start to sort-of agree, I can't choose which guy I want her to be with. Each guy to me plays an important role, sure its kind-of bad to be playing around with that many guys but its not like she is in a committed relationship with any of them but Eric, in a sense. Yeah she tries to tell Heath to stay away and Lorien is a teacher and not much has really developed between them but she isn't dating them. So let her have all three, sheesh!

In this series, I'm surprised to like Zoey's friends. Usually I find the friends either annoying or just not friend worthy material. But!!!!!! I completely adore Stevie Rae. And her accent in the book. I even do my little accent in my head when I read her parts, though I don't really have one...I think? I think Stevie Rae is the kind of friend every girl wants. She listens to your problems, cheers you up, and totally pays attention when your dishing about the hotties who have their eye on you! I really loved a part in the book when Zoey and Stevie Rae were talking about Lorien and she just falls on the bed and swoons about him with Zoey. I wish I still had the book, cause I'd totally quote that part, but I returned it a couple days ago. :(

I would have rated the book a 5 star if one thing didn't happen in the book. I just can't believe that happened. And how bad I want to type it up, but I won't. I'll let you be shocked/angry/surprised/sad when you read it. The whole time I just knew. I just did.

Until recently I thought (like 5 seconds ago ^^) P.C. Cast and Kristen Cast were the same person. Silly me, I know. I kept thinking maybe the P.C. part was kinda a pen name. I'll do better to look into the authors! I think its really cool that they can write together, they must have a very good mother-daughter relationship.(Wonder if they fought over who she should end up with!) I couldn't imagine writing a vampire series with my mom. She can't even stay awake to watch the Twilight movies with me, nor does she feel any sort of excitement about the paranormal stuff.

Anyways, I can't wait to get my paws on the rest of the other books in the series!

Coming Soon: Review on Playing with Fire by Gena Showalter!!

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