Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dairy Queen by Catherine Gilbert Murdock

Dairy Queen by Catherine Gilbert Murdock.

2/5 stars.

I don't have much to say about this book. It wasn't that horrible but it wasn't all the impressing to me either. A ton of farmers lingo that I did not understand, I found myself rereading sentences a few times and still not making sense of what was written. I also did not love the characters names, nor did I really like how the book was written.

I guess I should start giving you a look at the book.

DJ comes from a family that rarely expressive anything, the way they express their-selves is with pure, utter silence. DJ is the heart of the family, the one keeping it together. Literally. She is running her father's farm after he had a hip injury. She had to drop off the basketball team and neglect her homework, resulting in her failing English. She lives in a rather small town where in another town they have their arch-rival in football, though they never really win. Except for the time one of her older brothers won and almost the time her other brother lost.

One day the arch-rival's QB (Brian) shows up on her farm and looks at it in total disgust. Their first day together, shit happens. Brian eventually gives up and leaves. Leaving DJ to finish the rest of the work all by herself. Later the arch-rival's coach shows up and asks her opinion on Brian and if she would mind training him before the season starts. DJ is shocked, though a little excited about the idea.

So I bet you guessed it. She starts training Brian. And of course they develop feeling for each other. Gosh did not see that coming. And then one day they are practicing with each other and Brian says he is really glad he isn't playing against her. Now I hope you thought what clicked in DJ's brain. She was going out for the team.

She gets her grades in check and asks the coach if she can try out. All is cleared. She tries out, after their first practice, *gasp* their is the arch-rival punks waiting for them and spot her. Her team-mates say she is going to cream Brian, his face is set in stone. Oh no! The drama! What will happen? Nothing but a football game, really.

The dramatics come out in the game. DJ is soo angry with Brian for ignoring her. I'll let you discover the ending for yourselves. Read it you want to. Try not to get bored or annoyed with her calling herself a COW the whole time.

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