Saturday, September 11, 2010

Full Moon Rising by Keri Arthur

Full Moon Rising by Keri Arthur.

3/5 stars.

Riley Jenson is half werewolf / half vampire, though she takes more to her werewolf side. She doesn't drink blood but she does have a few vampire abilities: night ray vision and blurring into shadows(basically walking in shadows where humans can't see you.) Riley is walking home one night when she senses something wrong in the air and heads to a club that is nearby, to find it completely quiet. She is just going to take a quick peak around until she smells him, Gautler, a rotten smelling vampire who works as a Guardian. He tells her there are humans in the building with rogue vampire in there and just walks off, leaving her to deal with saving the humans when she isn't even a Guardian herself.

After dealing with the situation in the club, Riley still feels that something wrong. And then it clicks. Her apartment is only a few blocks away...where her and her twin, Guardian brother, Rhoan, lives. She calls the head of the Guardians, Jack. He tells her he is on a mission and shouldn't be due back until tomorrow, though if she were a Guardian too, he would give her the information she wanted. But Riley doesn't want to be a Guardian, she doesn't want to have to kill people. After calling Jack she makes one more call to her friend Kelly but she doesn't answer. Riley rushes home and comes to a stop. A vampire who is naked, covered in mud and quite handsome is standing at her doorway. She asks him what the hell is doing there and he tells her he is looking for Rhoan and that's all he can remember.

The next day Rhoan is still not back, leaving Riley to go off on her own to find him because lately Guardians have been disappearing. She only has such limited time before she might never see her only pack member off Riley goes!


This book was okay. It was definitely filled with tons of sex scenes with the two were-wolves Riley is involved with, though once things started happening it got easy to predict stuff. At one part it got me thinking, that maybe that person who was found dead, really isn't dead because I can't think of anyone else being involved in all the scheming, unless Keri Arthur introduces the other person in the next book but it wouldn't make sense because we've met all the people Riley is closest too. Whatever, really, guess I'll see in book 2.

I really liked Quinn and Riley's relationship. I kept hoping that Quinn would be her life time mate, but apparently I was wrong or Arthur just hasn't told us yet. Or maybe there is an even sexier male lead going to appear soon. Hopefully he isn't as psycho as Talon!

Read the book. Its not bad at all. I don't know why I didn't rate it higher, maybe if Quinn was her mate then maybe I would've.


J-9 said...

I completely agree with your assessment of this book. I just read it a few weeks ago too, and found that there were too many sex scenes, and I would have liked the book better if it was just Quinn, or just hinted with Quinn. I mean make him work for it, lol.

Just stopping by, but now a follower too.


Catherine said...

Thanks for the comment!

I've been in a reading slump and haven't really checked back on my blog! But I'm getting that cleared up now :)

I also followed your blog, thanks for following mine, I'll be sure to read your posts and posts some comments :)

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