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Spirit Bound (Book #5) by Richelle Mead

Spoilers Spoilers!!!!

Spirit Bound by Richelle Mead.

4/5 stars.

At then end of Blood Promise, Rose finds out Dimitri is still alive. And well out to get her.

"You forgot another lesson: Never turn your back until you know your enemy is dead. Looks like we'll have to go over that lesson again the next time I see you--which will be soon.
---------------Love, D."

With only about 2 1/2 months left of school, Rose's mind is already set. She will do about anything to find a way to turn Dimitri back to normal, even if it means breaking Victor, who if remember tried to kill her and Lisa.

Every week Dimitri sends her letters waiting for her to leave the safety of the wards so he can finally get her. With her final test to become a guardian approaching, she wonders how the hell she is going to break into a prison she has no clue where it is. When the test does finally arrive, Rose passes with flying colors. A short while passes and her and Lisa and all the other graduates head off to the court. There Rose's plan unfolds. She enlists the help of a few friends, not even bothering to tell them what she really has in mind. Only Lisa knows what's really about to go down.

After breaking into the prison and releasing, they make a mad dash to a small airport. After getting the information from Victor they head to Vegas, using the money once again Adrian gave her. Should mention, Adrian believes Lisa and her snuck out for a girls weekend. Once arriving in Vegas, they book a hotel and call up Victor's brother to get down to the cure for Dimitri. He eventually meets up with them, though without someone showing up before. Adrian, and he is furious! He can't see why Rose can't move on after they have been seeing each for about 3 months.

Victor's brother shows up and begins to tell them what they need to know. Though Adrian is very skeptical and believes people who are dead stay dead. Even Rose begins to think its hopeless because it can't be her to save Dimitri. It has to be the last person she wants to ever want to put in harms way, Lisa. She immediately says no and that Lisa can't do it. Lisa eventually gets mad and says to let her at least try. Rose still refuses saying she could barely punch someone and can't *spoiler spoiler* an item. (an item is not the spoiler, I just left out what she has to do to that item, etc etc.) While the conversation is ending, things take a turn for the worse. Dimitri and a gang of Strigoi show up. Rose and Eddie begin taking them on and eventually kill the others except Dimitri. While fighting, Eddie finally gets the position he needs to kill Dimitri, yet Rose shoves him out of the way. They make a mad dash for the outside once the police arrive, leaving Dimitri to kill the humans. And leaving Rose in a ton of trouble with Eddie for ruining their chance to kill him..they meet up with Adrian and Lisa, only to discover Victor and his brother made a mad dash for freedom at the first chance they got.

They head back to Court and eventually get reprimanded, well Rose gets in trouble for taking Lisa away when Victor had just escaped prison, by two humans and guardian. Revealing that their disguises worked and no one knew better. The Queen takes away Rose rights to go with Lisa to see the college and celebrate Lisa's birthday. After celebrating her birthday Lisa, Christian and her guardians are leaving a restaurant, they are ambushed by Dimitri and his Strigoi goons. The whole time Rose is watching through Lisa's mind. She takes off to get the guardians attention, they tell her they already know and are setting up a rescue mission immediately. Rose is floored they are actually going out there to save them.

Rose, a team of guardians and fire element wielding Moroi set off to rescue Lisa and Christian. After killing and fighting their way through Strigoi, Rose finally makes it to the room with Lisa and Christan and lets not forget Dimitri standing there. The engage in a battle, all the while with Lisa and Christian are scheming all by themselves, Rose can feel the pain Lisa is feeling from Christian burning the ropes. Its becomes to late for what Rose eventually learns Lisa is going to do. Lisa immediately stakes Dimitri, though struggles some to get into his heart. A burst of light explodes, knocking out Lisa's and Rose bonded; leaving Dimitri clutching onto Lisa crying. Everything rushes forward, they kill the remaining Strigoi and the guardians take Dimitri away. Leaving both Lisa and Rose asking to see Dimitri and trying to talk some sense into the guardians that he is no longer Strigoi.

After turning Dimitri back to a dhampir tons of events take place. The courts decision to change the age of Dhampirs becoming guardians and going into battle against Strigoi. A secret memorial for the fallen that saved Lisa and Christian. Dimitri being interrogated and telling Lisa he doesn't want to see Rose.
Rose yelling at the Queen in front of everyone. Rose and Adrian'll leave it at that. The Queen I'll leave it that too.


This book had a lot of events I loved and hated. I hated the fact that Dimitri didn't want to see Rose at all, how he said he could never be with her after all that he had done to her. Lisa taking Dimitri's side, thus resulting and Rose doing stupid stuff. I'm dying for book number 6. Though I don't want it to end. After I finished this book, I went back and skimmed through all 4 books and read my favorite parts over again. I can't wait and see how Mead ends this series. Hopefully its not a total let down, though I doubt it will be. Seeing as all 5 books so far were freaking AMAZING.

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