Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Halfway to the Grave by Jeaniene Frost

Halfway to the Grave by Jeaniene Frost.

5/5 stars.

I put off reading this book for so long and I can only say the summary on the back of the book does not give it justice. This book was amazing. Thrilling. Sexy. Heart Pounding. Addicting. And me begging for book #2 to magically appear in my stack of books. Really don't want to spoil much of this book for people but I'll do my best to restrain.

Catherine Crawfield is half dead. Or I should I say she is half-vampire / half-human. Her mom was date raped 22 years ago and there appeared Catherine 5 months later. Catherine doesn't have many of the vampire traits except for: extra strength - not to standards of a full vampire, eye site and the glowing green eyes when upset/aroused/hungry. She has always been a kind of a loner, though not by choice. She was picked on as a child for always being weird, when she was 16 her mom finally told her what she was really was. After becoming a one night stand only for the guy she loved she killed her first vampire to get over the anger/pain. Her mother was proud of her and urged her to rid the world of "evil" vampires.

Cat has a special ability, she can tell if someone is a vampire or human, yet they can't pick up that she is half-vampire, presuming she is an easy score - both sexually and as snack. One night she is hunting for vampires where she runs into a vampire who blatantly turns her down. She goes into the bathroom to check her image to see if something was off and wonder why he refused her, the minute she leaves she notices he is gone. She eventually runs into another vampire and does the deed of killing him, chopping off his head and into multiple little pieces and then burying him. The next night she decides to go back out and runs into the man who she ran into the other night. He asks her if her offer "to fuck" still stands. She agrees. She tries really hard to get him to drive, seeing as her stake is in her other pant leg. They pull over and he demands she takes off her clothes and she says for him to take off his clothes at the same time as her. Eventually he punches her so hard she gets knocked unconscious.

She wakes up chained to a wall in only her panties and bra to see the man staring at her. He begins to interrogate her about who she works for and getting other answers from her. Her telling him she has killed 16 vampires and that she is half vampire. He doesn't believe her. Slapping her a few times and asking her who she works for, until her eyes glow green. After finally believing her, he gives her an ultimatum, work for him or die. She thinks it over and proposes her own idea. A fight. If she wins he's dead and she loses she works for him. I guess you can already guess the outcome. Oh by the way, his names is Bones, fitting isn't it? Anyways they begin hunting vampires together and finally decided to go after the big honcho after an event happens with him.

That's all I'm going to write. No point in giving you more, I don't want to spoil this book for you guys. SO READ IT! NOW NOW NOW NOW!


This is a book that definitely should be read by vampire lovers, well people over a certain age I mean. Since there are sex scenes, which I might add were ;). I really did love Catherine, seriously a book with a kick ass heroine having the same name as me, how could I not love it? Cat was everything I wanted, a complete total badass. I loved her and Bones together, I was literally giggling when I was reading this book. I get so immature when I read books, that I roll around on my bed when I read a part I really love, the inner child of me comes out and lashes out with giggles and tons of rolling and sighing.

I'm definitely buying this book for my collection, now the library just needs to hurry up and send me book #2, I'm number 22 in line. *sad face* Now get out there and get the book, no matter how you have to get it!!!

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