Sunday, March 6, 2011

Update - Cat & Stress = No Reviews

So I'd like to explain why I haven't put any reviews or anything up besides weekly meme's. I've been reading, which is a good thing but either my mind is elsewhere when I finished the book or not coming up with something to type up about the book; even though I have plenty to say about the books I've finished.

I've got two of my outdoor cats inside because they've both come down with something. And when my cats are sick, I'm extremely stressed and trying not panic and think the worst of the situation. I have a vet appointment for both of them tomorrow, which I have no idea how I'm going to do. Both of them are considered "feral" to other humans but to me, they are tamed in a sense.

Anyways, I have to get two "feral" cats to the vet tomorrow and try not to break down emotionally in there. I always cry at my vets office, not many good memories there. So not only will the cats be freaking out, I'll be freaking out too, which I'm sure they will be able to tell and think since Mom is freaking out we might as well be too.

Once the vet situation is out of the way and my cats are recovering and looking like their usual selves, I'll put individual book reviews up.Though for the books before that, I'll just do one big post about them and give my 2 cents about 'em.

To lighten this thread up, I'll post some pictures of the two cats I'm taking tomorrow. Oh, I should mention their names, they aren't really original but don't judge! I was like 8-10 when I named 'em!!!

Grey & Fluffy. Now I'm sure I don't have to explain who is who. ^^

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Small Review said...

Aw, I hope your cats are ok. They're both very pretty. :)

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