Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I'm a little behind in everything. Last week I went out of town to go visit my oldest sister with my other sister, no time to read or anything...even during the 8 hours in the car. My sister didn't want to sit in silent car while I entertained myself and she drove the 8 hours there and back. So yeah, no reading was accomplished during my visit to my sister's house. I was hoping my sister brought her laptop but she left it home on purpose to make it a no computer event.

I'm really behind schedule with reading. I wonder since I'm being such a control freak and failing and thus reading like a maniac on the night before the books are due that I'm not really enjoying reading. Honestly, I hate setting myself a goal and failing. And seeing how I'm 8 books behind and March is almost over, I'm starting to panic and go crazy and to make insane day plans of what book to read etc etc. Like each day has a book title listed to it, I honestly don't think I even thought about reviewing books at all. Just completing the challenge would be something. So reminder to myself when 2012 is coming, no big book challenge, sure genre reading challenges, but enormous book challenges, nope nope nope. I don't want to ruin reading for me, like how I already see this going for me.

Its basically 4 am right now and I haven't gone to bed...why? Last minute reading of Friday Night Bites by Chloe Neill to return it to the library tomorrow. I can't wait for the third book in the series.

Speaking about the books I need to return tomorrow, I decided to go through my giant stack of books and really decide if I'm going to force myself to read em, read them for enjoyment, or return them. About 2-3 got a forced to read vote, a lot got stuffed in my book bag and are ready to be returned, while a ton I couldn't part with. So maybe I'll push out a few book reviews about them in the future.

I'll get back on track with the meme's tomorrow. So night night!

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