Monday, December 13, 2010

In My Mailbox(#1)

This is my first In My Mailbox, though I can't really consider it my mailbox, but I guess in my library box. In My Mailbox is hosted by the ever popular, The Story Siren. Its a fun way of seeing what everyone got this week; not sure if I'll post it every Monday because I do visit the library on random days or sometimes multiple times a week.

Anyways this week I brought home a load of books!! I always feel slightly embarrassed when I'm carrying the manila folders they put requested books in, I rarely do ever see someone else carrying as many books as myself. I also, always wonder what the librarians think of me, I've never actually openly said hello or talked to them, though I swear one gives me an evil look or she just looks like she is giving me an evil look. This evil librarian today helped me check out a book that refused to scan and I said so nicely "Thank you! Have a nice day." and she just looked at me, so I just went on my way. Haha.

Hunting Ground by Patricia Briggs (Alpha & Omega #2) (Goodreads)
Kiss of a Demon King by Kreseley Cole (Immortals After Dark #7) (Goodreads)
A Certain Wolfish Charm by Lydia Dare (Westfield Brothers #1) (Goodreads)
The Devil You Know by Jenna Black (Morgan Kingsley #2) (Goodreads)
Unwind by Neil Shusterman (Unwind #1) (Goodreads)
The Ambassador's Mission by Trudi Canavan (Traitor Spy Trilogy, #1) (Goodreads)
Fade by Lisa McMann (Dream Catcher #2) (Goodreads)

Out of the 7 above books, I think I'm mostly looking forward to Kiss of a Demon King and The Ambassador's Mission. Most of the second books in those series, I read book #1 MONTHS ago. I'm trying to stick to my word and go to the next book in the series, instead of completely forgetting about them; well honestly I didn't forget them, they are just series that really didn't WOW me, but at-least I'm getting to them, right?

On a side not, when I arrived home from the library with my dad, we noticed a little brown dog in our yard. I jumped out of the car and called to her and was very glad she was wearing a collar. So I make the call, a lady answers and I tell her I have her dog. She was like "You have my dog?" I was like "Yes, I have your dog, I found her on my street." I then tell her where I live and what color the dog is, I knew exactly what breed the dog was because my brother and his wife own the same breed, but the name escaped me when I was trying to describe the dog. She goes "Oh that isn't my dog. Its my son's girlfriends dog blah blah blah." As my dad is on the phone talking to her, since I literally suck with directions, a truck pulls up and its the son for the dog. He says thanks and I return him to her; I do wish at that moment I would have said "You need to put your own number on your dogs tag, not on someone else's. Also consider making another tag where the phone number is visible on the front not on the back, scratched in." Oh well, at least I did my good deed for the year, though honestly I would always pick up and try to return animals to their owners, I feel the need to do that so if ever a chance one of my pets goes missing, someone returns the favor and reunites me with my little babies.

(Its official I can't find a picture that even resembles the dog I found, but later the breeds name came back to me, schnauzer.)


Annette said...

Thank you for the good deed. I would hope people would return my lost pets to me too. (Although my dog would never leave, I guess she could get stolen.) Anyway, I really liked Unwind, so you should make sure and read that!

Sorry about the crabby librarian, it reflects badly on my profession. It seems like customer service with a smile is the hardest part of that job for some people! Keep trying...maybe you'll get a smile one of these times!

Straylights said...

I still have not read Wake, but I'll get around to it someday!
And as much as i love the Mercy Thompson series, I just could not get into Brigg's Omega series :-/

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