Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Review: Waiting For You by Susane Colasanti

Waiting For You by Susane Colasanti

2 stars.

I was supposed to read Torment by Lauren Kate but I ran out of time and decided it wasn't worth paying a late fee over, so I returned it. I have well over 10 books checked out and this is one of the latest I checked out. Its due date is farther off than all the other books but I decided to read it anyways.

To be honest, I only gave the book 2 stars because it was so easy to read, but other than that I didn't find myself really enjoying the book.


Marisa's sophomore year has finally come, unlike last year where she was a total mess, she and her best friend, Sterling, decide to reinvent themselves this year. That can only mean one thing, getting a boyfriend. Marisa has her eyes set on the popular, so taken, Derek. He is definitely "boyfriend material" unlike her class partner, Nash, who is nerdy and doesn't seem to dress in this century.

Marisa goes through some string of events that land herself a boyfriend but also puts her back where she was last year, depressed.


I don't know what I was expecting from this book but I didn't get what I wanted. A lot of times I couldn't even remember her name because very few times was her named used in the book. Also, her obsessive "love" for Derek was totally stalkerish, it would have been okay if he actually wasn't dating someone or even like talked to her before they have art together. And then when Derek is suddenly single, she is going insane waiting for him to ask her out, which is also creepy, because hello he is just recently single, he isn't going to ask you out the next second like she expects him to do.

Also, Marisa has an anxiety disorder and goes deep into depression at some point. Or at least thats what the book says, I didn't really get that feel that she was "so" depressed. Yes near the end she won't get out of bed and is laying there saying she is back in a downward spiral but then the next second she is like no I can do this! So she jumps out of bed and does a whole 180. So clearly, Marisa is "severely depressed".

I don't think I could write a big summary of the book because I disliked it so much that every time I type something I delete it, so I'll just leave it with what I typed.

I have Something Like Fate checked out, which is also by Susane Colasanti, so hopefully the book is better than this one.

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