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Review: Sin Undone by Larissa Ione

Sin Undone by Larissa Ione (Demonica #5)

4/5 Stars.

Turn on the fan because this book is soo HOT! Just looking at the cool, black and white cover tells you, you're in for a sizzling adventure!

Larissa Ione, Demonica series, follows a different set of main character each time. This time around in, Sin Undone, we have Lore's twin sister, Sinead aka Sin, the only female Seminus demon born. Along with Conall, a dhampire(half were-wolf / half vampire), who works at the Underworld General.

Sin and Con paths had already crossed before in Ecstasy Unveiled; a heated encounter in a hospital storage closet, which turned out to be a bet made between Con and another employee, Luc (turned warg). Right after their little sha-bang, Sin found out and walked away with Con's winning and thinking he was a bastard. Though the feeling would soon be mutual because Sin unleashed a deadly disease that was killing wargs (were-wolves) everywhere.

Sin is now the leader of the assassin den she used to work for; overwhelmed by the fact the only safe place for her is in den or Underworld General. Yet Sin would rather stay holed up in her den then go to side of her brothers, who she wants nothing to do with even if they insist she is family. She receives a call from Eidolon to come in and run more tests, only to be sitting in his office with Con in the seat next to her. Eidolon throws one hell of request at them, "I need Con to feed from you," he said with uncharacteristic awkwardness. "And I need it to happen now." Con refuses with the fear of feeding from Sin will lead him to addiction to her blood and the unbearable thought of not being able to stop and end up draining her. Eidolon reasoning for this is because Con test for SF have finally come back positive yet its not attacking him like it attacks wargs; so with the hope of Con feeding from Sin, she could use her powers and watch what is happening inside him and learn how to cure it.

Con is summoned to a secret warg council to discuss Sin Fever; the developments of the disease, a cure, and revenge upon Sin. He eventually tells them that SF is only affecting turned wargs and all chaos breaks out during the meeting; stones being thrown "I wouldn't put it past the pricolici (born wargs) to have started this plague in the first place as a way to get rid of us (turned wargs)." Con is ordered to bring her to them or they will take matters into their own hands; problem is Con owes Sin's brothers a great deal. Also, there is the problem that Con has been ordered to return home to Scotland for the breeding season and finally take his part in the dhampire world.

Flash to the hospital, Sin is there working with her brother still trying to figure out how to cure SF. Sin tries to destroy the disease in a dying warg and is unsuccessful, leading her to shut down and everyone out. Eidolon is called away and runs into a pair of Carceris (underworld jailers) telling them they are here for Sin. Con is in within range and figures someone on the Warg Council has changed their mind and they want Sin to receive punishment now. Sin refuses to go with them, while Con hatches a plan to get Sin out of there safely. They make it out of the hospital and go on the run.

Con is Sin's only hope to get out of this.


Before I began reading Sin Undone, I had to decide between it and Torment by Lauren Kate. My thought process was do I want to read a book I know will be amazing and sexy or a book that would torment my brain just like Fallen did? I've to say it was a very tough decision, NOT! Though I really do hope Torment doesn't literally "torment" my brain while reading it. Anyways....

I loved Sin Undone! I enjoyed reading about Con and Sin ripping each others clothes off to the parts where they just wanted to kill the other.Their relationship was sometimes annoying when they both refused to realize their own feelings or their absolute need (the sex and blood part) for each other. I did hate how Con tore down all her walls like she was a game to him and then would think about leaving her or that it would all be over soon anyways.

I did love the way Larissa included Luc and Kar story line; it makes me wonder are they next book (even if they aren't related to the family in anyway) or if the series is over. I'm not sure if I could say the series is wrapped up or not. I've only read book Ecstasy Unveiled and Sin Undone, though it doesn't matter what order you read them in but I guess it does spoil some things with the others relationships, but still I could follow along. I'll eventually read 1-3.

Found it really funny when I read the first couple lines in chapter five.""Let the bodies hit the floor." "Bodies," by Drowning Pool, blared from Sin's iPod Shuffle, and she sang at the top of her lungs as she walked with Wraith to the ER." Only because someone sent me a video of a parrot singing the song and I still can't get over how insanely funny/awesome it is! That the song is now stuck in my head.

Anyone know if the series is done? Also what did you think of this steaming, hot book?

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Jenny said...

I loved this book so much! It was definitely my favorite in the series, I loved Sin and Con together:) I'm sad it's the last book, but I'm glad she's doing a spinoff set in the same world:) Nice review!

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