Sunday, August 22, 2010

Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning

Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning.

2/5 stars. I honestly don't know why I even gave it two stars, maybe some part of it was interesting but seriously not a whole lot. I started reading this book maybe 2 weeks ago, I read half of it and put it down and then read 3 other books. Clear sign the book couldn't hold my attention. The sexy cover didn't entail the slightest bit of romance in the book at all, seriously disappointment.

But anyways, here's what Darkfever is about.

MacKayla Lane aka Mac or Ms. Lane, sister is murdered while overseas aboard at college. Mac's family is devastated, her father starts drinking again and her mother never leaves her bed. Mac's world is thrown into pieces with the death of her sister, also having to identify the body because her parents were off on vacation; it will be something she will never forget.

Mac's sisters case is a cold case. The police have closed shortly after her sister was found dead in alley. Mac would have left this alone, if only not for the last message her sister left her. Sprouting all of this nonsense, "I though I was in love with him and he's one of them, Mac! He's one of them! .....We've got to talk, Mac! There's so much you don't know. My God, you don't even know what you are! There are so many things I should have told you, but I thought I could keep you out of it until things were safer for us. I'm going to try to make it home "-she broke off and laughed bitterly, a caustic sound totally unlike Alina- "but I don't think he'll let me out of the country. I'll call you as soon-" More static. A gasp." Mac begins her journey because of this last message her sent her, she gathers all her money and heads to Dublin.

Her first night there, she goes out to look get know the places Alina had been to before. She ends up in a pub and notices a man stealing from behind the bar, yet the bartender isn't even noticing. Mac can't help but stare at the man, he is drop dead gorgeous, "And I got the strangest thought : He's not human." Staring long at this man, her vision plays up and begins to think if she just looked at him harder, she would see him for what he really is. Before she could get herself into trouble, Mac is hit on the head by an elderly woman, telling her to stop staring at him or she'll get all of their kind killed and that she will tell her O' Connor family what she did....but Mac is a Lane. Not an O'Connor.

After a few more events, Mac begins to search for the meaning of a word she heard someone uses. This is what brings her path across, Jericho Barrons. Barrons tells her to get her pretty little happy self back to America and to stop digging or she'll never be able to turn back, but Mac can't stop there; she must know who killed Alina and send the bastard to jail.

There the trouble begins. With trying to find the real meaning of that word and getting involved with Jericho Barrons. She soon discovers she can see the fae and detect an ancient fae power book, that in the wrong hands will damn the human world. So thus bringing Barrons and Ms. Lane together to find the book, though Mac isn't even sure who or what Barrons is, let alone if she can trust him.

Personally I thought this book lacked what I wanted. Romance. Pretty simple, I wanted romance and I got none. All throughout the book Jericho is a total asshole and the whole time your wondering what the hell he is! That drove me insane, I guess I have to read book #2 to actually get a hint to what he is.

Overall the book isn't bad unless your looking for a book packed with suspense and romance than this book isn't what your looking for. Who knows maybe book #2 will be ten times better, I can only hope or this series ends for me at book #2.

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