Friday, August 20, 2010

Jacob by Jacquelyn Frank

I think I'm on a erotic path of books right now, I should venture back to young adult for awhile, before these books begin to get old.

Jacob by Jacquelyn Frank.

4/5 stars.

After reading A Hunger Like No Other, this book seemed less-steamy, though not lacking in any sense. In some parts of the book I found myself skipping sentences and going straight for the dialogue (I know bad me!)

Jacob, of course follows a demon named Jacob! Clever title! It is also book number one in the The Nightwalkers Series. As I was saying, Jacob is a demon otherwise known as the Enforcer, what does he enforce? He enforces the rules with no harming humans during the two periods of time when the moon is something, I can't explain it really but the something to do with the moon. In other words the moon makes the demons crazy and go looking for humans....for you

By a string of events Jacob is trying to save a demon, who was summoned by a necromancer, where he literally catches Isabella falling from her apartment (though he was the one who made her fall out the window.). Jacob asks her if anything strange has been happening around the place and she is suddenly can't breathe because the stench is so bad, thus giving away that she can smell the necromancer and also shocking Jacob that she can sense them and he can not.

Through some more events, Isabella ends up killing the summoned demon because he cannot be saved and is out of control. Thus resulting and Jacob bringing Bella back to where he lives, their connection seems to already be strong and pulling them together, figuratively and literally.

I can't really add much without revealing more of the story line and most would be spoilers, but so far I'm liking the series, I'll read book #2 to see if I will continue.

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