Saturday, August 21, 2010

Thorn Queen by Richelle Mead

Thorn Queen by Richelle Mead.

4/5 stars. My heart is still pounding after finishing this book, I oh so can't wait for book #3 in the series. Though, sadly the book doesn't come out until January 2011, boo!

Spoilers. Spoilers.


Eugenie is now the queen of Thorn Land but is not a great queen. She rarely visits nor knows what is going on with the kingdom. She is still romantically involved with the kitsune (japanese fox), Kiyo and sets off to go to the fairies type of "baby shower" for Kiyo's ex-lover, Maiween (who is pregnant with Kiyo's baby - which is rare for the gentry to have children). On her way to the baby shower, Eugenie and her guards come upon one of the villages on her land; Eugenie is shocked to find she has villages and that they are in such poor states all because of her.

When Eugenie claimed the land from killing the previously owner, the land took to the image she wanted it. A dessert, where as the land was once covered in green, is now just covered in cactus and sand. The land has left the people with no food and has dried up all their wells. She is also informed that girls from villages have gone missing but only in her land have they been disappearing, leaving Eugenie to figure out who is taking the girls and why.

Besides Eugenie mission to help her people, she is still searching for her half sister who is hell bent on getting pregnant and raising a son who will take over the human world according to the prophecy. As well as avoiding men who wish to get her pregnant and fulfill the prophecy, seeing as it doesn't state which daughter of the Storm King whose son will conquer the human world.

Aside from all her Queen duties, Eugenie begins to get in touch with her magic and to deal with her struggling feelings for Kiyo and Dorian; along with another male coming into the picture.


My opinion: I looooved this book. I don't really have anything bad to say about it, though I would say Kiyo and her step-father got on my nerves a ton. Though there were also times, Eugenie got on my nerves, only because she refused to accept her powers. Throughout most of the book I wished for Eugenie to just unleash her powers and to stop listening to everyone telling her what to do!

Though one flaw in this book to me, is Kiyo. I'm sooo for Dorian!

Read the books. I read the first book some time ago way before I began blogging, but I'll just say I rated it 4/5 stars like this one! So get to reading. Plenty of time to read them, since book three isn't out until 2011. *sigh*

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