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A Hunger Like No Other by Kresley Cole

A Hunger Like No Other by Kresley Cole

4/5 stars.

The Cover: I would love this cover if only one thing was changed about it, the male hands are insanely huge, I know they are meant to be that way because he is a Lykae (like a wolf man) but still they disturb me greatly.

This is book number 2, though I didn't realize this until looking it up on Though I believe you don't have to read the books in order to understand, because each book is about different characters, though just minor characters becoming main characters in the next book.

A Hunger Like No Other is definitely true to its title, I devoured this book.

The book is about Lachlain (honest to god I can't even pronounce that or even begin to comprehend how to say his name), who is the leader of Lykae clan, who forever has been looking for his one true mate...yet he is locked away in a hell hole to be burned to death and only to be revived by his immortality. A day comes to where Lachlain "scents" his mate and that drives him to the extreme of even removing one of his legs just to get to his fated one. Once out of his inferno (I want to say he has been down there for maybe 200-400 years,I'm not sure- let it be noted that he doesn't even know what a car is or phones.), Lachlain tracks down his mate and takes her hostage only to find out she is the very same creature that locked him away, a vampire.

"Each Lykae housed a wolflike "beast" inside, like a possession. This rendered them immortal and made them crave and appreciate the elementals: food, touch, sex. But, as she'd seen tonight and the night before, its also could make a Lykae unable to control its ferocity, a ferocity their kind willingly unleashed during sex, reveling in scratching, biting, and marking fresh in a frenzy."

"He was a beast in a form of a fantasy. His body, except for the incongruous leg injury, was nothing sort of...divine. His hair was thick and straight, a rich, dark brown that she imagined would look golden in the sun. She'd noted that sometimes today he'd had it trimmed, and his face was now cleanly shaved to reveal his perfect features. On the surface divine, beneath...a beast."

Emmaline is a half breed, vampire and Valkyrie. On her vampire side she is like no other, her Valkyrie coven raised her not to take blood from the source, unlike other vampires. She is first brought into the story where she is on a journey to discover more about her mother's and father's relationship; her mother(Valkyrie) is dead and her father (vampire) is unknown, thus she is searching for him. Though only on her trips does she run into trouble, her blood supply runs out and she is taken prisoner by Lachlain. She is forced to stay with Lachlain until she delivers him back to his homeland, though she doesn't know Lachlain has no plan of ever letting her leave.

"The hand that had been covering her mouth roughly grasped her chin. He narrowed his eyes, focusing on her lips--on her barely noticeable fangs. "No," he choked out. "No' possible..." He yanked her head side to side, running his face down her neck, smelling her, then growled in fury, "Goddamn you.""

On their week journey together, things begin to get sexual; on Lachlain part he believes Emmaline to be very sexually active to where she is actually a virgin and was never raised nor seen other vampires(In this book vampires are said to be very sexually active and have orgies(haha)). The more I think about their first sexual interactions, its more forced then out of love and passion.

'"So where would you get blood?"

"Blood bank," she murmured.

Was that a joke? "What the hell is that? Is there one nearby?"

She shook her head.

"Then you've got to take from me. Because I just signed on to be your breakfast.""

On another note, I love how Kresley wrote Lachlain's parts with his accent, tons of times I had to reread a sentence to get the word correct. Just a few more quotes, then hurry along and read this book.

"I doona understand. You are a vampire."

"You're my wee halfing." She punched his shoulder.

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