Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wings by Aprilynne Pike

Wings by Aprilynne Pike.

4/5 stars.

A story about faeries.

I finished reading "Wings" about 4 days ago; it was quite different from the faeries books I've read before. Apparently the faeries are based off of the season they are born in; meaning: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. This was the first time I read a book that categorized them like that, it also had some other surprising features that I haven't found in other faerie books, which is a good thing in my book.

Anyways, here is what the book is about.

The story revolves around a girl named Laurel, who apparently is the luckiest teenage girl ever. She is thin but not to thin, has silky hair(though she uses no shampoo/conditioner- a girl can dream!), perfect skin, and doesn't get her period. She is considered vegan in the book, but not because she wants to be, its because her body can't handle dairy and meat; in the beginning she is thought to be anorexic by another girl.

Laurel, was home schooled her entire life, until now. She starts high school, I believe she is in 10th grade. Like never been going to public school, Laurel has never been to a doctor, her mother believes them to be crazy.

At her first day of school, Laurel meets one of the main male leads, David, who Laurel describes of having an exotic look. "They were a bright blue that contrasted with the olive ton of his skin. The color looked out of place, but not in a bad way. Kind of exotic." David is human, just incase you were wondering, I thought he was a faerie in the beginning because no other faeries seemed yet to appear.

Then there is the other main male lead in Laurel's love life, Tanami, Tam for short. "Laurel looked up into deep-green eyes almost too vibrant to be real." "His face looked like a classic painting--cheekbones clearly defined under smooth, tanned skin that looked like it would fit better on an L.A. beach than in a chilly, moss-covered forest." If you haven't guessed it, Tam is the faerie. I won't say which faerie he is, I'll let you find that out yourself.

With two main lead male characters, there always leads to problems. David can't fit into the faerie world and Tam can't be with Laurel all the time like David can. And Laurel can't just choose one guy, she must have both. She kisses David and leads Tam on, you know your classic "I must have both guys kind of girl".

So I kind of strayed from what the book is about when I was describing the guys, but anways Laurel is a faerie. Yet she doesn't know it, like usual. The changes in Laurel begin when her first zit appears on her back, but this isn't your normal nasty zit, it continues to grow and grow until one day it "blooms". I'll leave it at that.

Besides Laurel maturing into a faerie, there is a evil figure in the book. Though I can't find a way to word it without revealing to much about Laurel and her enemies, so I'll leave it there also.

Read it. It seems like it will be a great faeries series. Unless, she prolongs her choice over the boys....which I hate.

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