Monday, August 30, 2010

Multiple Book Update

I'm five books behind in blogging. I don't feel like doing each book a post of its own, to be honest they weren't that awesome or that bad to have their own post. So here we go (in order I read).

Show No Mercy by Cindy Gerard. 3/5 stars.

This is book number one of the Black Ops Series; it follows Gabriel Jones, who was a former military dog who is still doing work for the government but undercover? I can't explain it without holding the book in my hand to copy the exact text Cindy describes it as. Anyways Gabriel saves journalist Jenna McMillan while she is in Buenos Aires, though the experience is everything but safe for Jenna. She rushes back to her parents farm and sticks it out there like a dog with her tail between her legs. Her boss urges her to go back there to cover a big story, which the main person in this big story asks for specifically. Though thats a small reason she is going back to Buenos Aires, its that kiss Gabe gave her before she left.

Show No Mercy wasn't all that bad, the heat between the main characters is not overly steaming or chilling. It also has a some suspense mixed in with romance, okay more like romance is mixed in with all the suspense and fighting. Overall, its a good read. I'll read the next book of course, I'm sure the next main character was also in this book, like a lot of series are like.

Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac by Gabrielle Zevin. 3/5 stars.

This book is about a girl named Naomi, who "had" a string of bad luck and fell down a flight of stairs saving the yearbooks expensive camera. That being said, that said fall down the stairs made her lose everything memory from about 4 years ago. She doesn't remember her best friend and Co-Editor of the yearbook, Will or her popular, good looking, athletic boyfriend, Ace. Nor does she remember the fact that she has a boyfriend, is on birth control pills, her parents divorce, her half-sister, why she loves Ace, why Will calls her "Chief" or why she wanted to get out of her photography class. Though through this accident Naomi meets James, who she firsts hear him say "I'm her boyfriend." to the medic so he can come with her to the hospital. Naomi suddenly can't stop thinking about James or why he is so hot and cold to her.

To me this book wasn't everything I wanted it to be. Really I didn't enjoy there being 3 love interests in the book nor did I like the development between her and James. Its not a bad book really but its not all that great. Read it if you want to.

Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver. 4/5 stars.

Before I Fall is about a girl named Samantha Kingston who has it all I guess you can say. She isn't ugly, but she is popular, she has a popular boyfriend who she had been crushing on since elementary school, and 3 good friends who know everything about each other, or so Sam thinks. On February 12, Samantha dies, only to wake up the next day and re-live February 12 over and over for a span of a week. Each day is different for Samantha for when she comes to realizes the life she lives will change everything about that day. If she goes to school, who she talks to, and where she goes or doesn't go, changes something at the end of the day where she is supposed to die.

This book ended exactly how I thought it would. Don't get me wrong I really wished I wasn't right, I so desperately wanted some miracle to happen in the book and the real way I wanted it to end, end. Though honestly I can't say I loved characters in this book. Samantha and her friends were selfish bitches. Samantha was once nerdy and at the bottom of the food chain yet when she rises to the top she has to be heartless and torture others just to be popular? I don't recall high school being like that for me. Truthfully I hated the characters until Samantha began to change, began to revolt: talked to people she wouldn't be caught dead talking to, bailing on her friends, screaming at her friends, dumping her boyfriend and kissing people who are labeled as a loser. But overall, I liked the book. Though it made me really depressed at the end, what can I say the beginning was right. Read it.

White Cat by Holly Black. 3/5 stars.

Curse-workers: people with the ability of the a simple direct touch to skin to skin to change your dreams, memories, luck, emotion, kill you and even transform you into an animal or into an object(though if your turned into an object your therefore dead). Lets not for get the blow-back, which is basically the affect of working someone; a death curse workers fingers begin to rot to eventually die(fall off), emotion workers become unstable, etc. You get the idea.

Curse-workers is outlawed in America thus resulting in the curse-workers either being con artists, in the curse workers mafias, or working for the government. That brings us to Cassel, who comes from a family of curse-workers, yet he is the only one who can't curse but don't get me wrong, Cassel is very much a con artist like the rest of his family; though he is trying hard to fit into his expensive school and cover over the fact that he killed his best friend, Lila. Cassel world begins to change when he starts dreaming about a white cat that helps him reveal some disturbing things about his family.

White Cat isn't a bad book, though I can't place the thought why I didn't enjoy as much. The curse working is new to me, so it wasn't lacking there. I just think it was the story line in general, not that it wasn't bad it just wasn't great. I wanted more, I guess I could say. It is book one of a series, so maybe book 2 will have a better story line. I can only hope before it loses my interest. Oh one last thing, the cat on the cover and the description in the book don't add up. So fail cover, though cute cat, made me think of my cat which happened to be sleeping next to me while I read the entire book.

Forgive My Fins by Tera Lynn Childs. 3/5 stars.

She is a mermaid princess, Lily Sanderson, who cames to land to live with her Aunt Rachel to experience the other half of her life, the human side that is. Her father is King of Thalassinia and her mother was an average human, who died in a car accident on the day her father and mother were supposed to be bonded together. Living the human life for 3 years now, Lily still hasn't gotten the hang of things. She doesn't quite understand the color matching of clothing or putting on make though she tries. Yet really for those three years she has been swooning over Brody Bennett, a swimming god (not literally). Lily has her mind set to ask him to the dance since Brody finally is single again, except one thing is in the way. Or should I say someone is in the way, Quince Fletcher. Lily's main objective on land is to find her bonded mate for life and to bring home to her father so they can rule over the kingdom together, though Lily doesn't know things aren't going to go as exactly as she fantasized about.

I expected more from this book. I really did. It was my first mermaid related book and it kind of disappointed me. I'm not one for characters that swoon over someone for like say three years and he turn out to be a total ass. I'm more for the slow romance kicking in and everything falling into place. Though this is a series, Lily's story is only one book, sadly. It went pretty fast also, which was also another bad part. And oddly I was hoping she would be a kick ass swimmer too on land, but she's not. She can't even get in chlorine without feeling sick. *sigh* Read it if you want to, book 2 doesn't seem like it will be any good either seeing as it's about Lily's cousin who I didn't care for at all.


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