Friday, July 23, 2010

Two Way Street by Lauren Barnholdt

Two Way Street by Lauren Barndholt.

4/5 stars.

I liked this book. Actually I love books written like this one was, where it has the girls thoughts in one chapter and the boys thoughts in the next.

I should mention, that I'm very proud I even finished this book today seeing how I was dying of cramps while reading it and could not possibly find a comfortable sitting position to read it in, but it was just soo good that despite my urge to just let death take me I continued to read. But anyways....

This book is about Courtney and Jordan who drive to college together. Yet the twist is, Jordan dumped Courtney for a girl he met on right before the trip too and Courtney is forced to go. The story unfolds with how they met, their dates, the reason he dumps her, and the road trip to college.

Courtney still definitely has the hots for Jordan and the same goes for Jordan. Yet throughout the book we find out why Jordan dumps her for this so called girl on Myspace, who has no name. Though truthfully......I won't say. Haha I almost did but then that would spoil it but if you had 1/4 a brain then you will get it pretty instantly when your reading, if not, maybe you should read books for 5-13 age group.

So a little background about the characters you get to spend 3 days with in a road trip with.

Courtney is a average girl who forever has had the hots for a boy named Lloyd, who is basically her best guy friend, yet where he might just be completely clueless to her feeling.

Then there is Jordan, a total player. A total guy who manipulates girls, screws them and dumps them.

Jordan and Courtney meet a party where Courtney plans to confess her long time love to Lloyd but a series of events take place. One is Jordan's best friend B.J. is dressed as a leprechaun and is basically humping Courtney's leg as well as drooling all over it. Secondly, Jordan rescues Courtney and then begins to use her to drive the girl who he plans to get into her pants later crazy with jealously. Lastly, Lloyd eventually shows up and acts all jealous and takes Courtney away only to take home another girl with them and dump her off like she was a third wheel.

But the night doesn't end there, Jordan calls Courtney and asks her to go eat.....Then the story takes off.

I just want to go on and on about this book, but then you'll basically know everything about the book and have no point in reading it.

Read it. Its good!

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