Saturday, July 24, 2010

Rules of Attraction by Simone Elkeles

Rules of Attraction by Simone Elkeles

3/5 stars.

Just finished reading the book, it wasn't so bad but it wasn't as amazing as Perfect Chemistry, which is book #1 by Simone Elkeles.

Rules of Attraction is about Alex's brother Carlos. Carlos is currently living in Mexico with his mother and little brother, Luis; when they decide its better for Carlos to go live in Colorado with his brother, Alex. Carlos is your regular asshole main lead guy, who thinks he doesn't need anyone and that believes he is a total badass. He gets to his new school and gets set up with a peer guide, Keira, a friend of Alex's.

Keira is the main female lead, who is pretty much awesome with just one problem, she stutters when she is nervous. She isn't an average girl, she doesn't dress up or care about looks, instead she loves fixing up her old car, being outdoors and anything that can be a challenge.

The book brings Keira and Carlos together through some troubling events in Carlos new life in Colorado, to the point Carlos moves in with Keira's family; which leads things to heat up between the two.

Yet Carlos doesn't want to be emotionally attached to anyone, he just wants a girl who is an easy lay. Where as, Keira wants Carlos to be her boyfriend and to feel something for her or at least show some emotion beside being an ass.

I did love the chemistry between Carlos and Keira, though near the end I felt she put all the drama there, it was rushed to me. One second he is in deep trouble and the next he is out of it, but oh well, I love a happy ending. I do love how she ends it with them in the future.

I wonder is there a third book for Luis? Is he a wanna be gangbanger? Guess I'll look into it, check out this book. (I need a new line cause I almost typed its an easy and enjoyable read again.)

Be sure to read Perfect Chemistry and Rules of Attraction too. They are worth it.

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