Friday, July 23, 2010

Going Too Far by Jennifer Echols

Going Too Far by Jennifer Echols

4/5 stars.

I really needed to read a book like this. I needed a book out of my usual paranormal-romance reading frenzy.

This book wasn't totally minding blowing but it was good.

Going Too Far is about a girl named Meg, who lives in a small town she can't wait to escape from.

I'm having a hard time writing about this book, oddly I can dish a lot about a book I don't like, because then I can pick out all the flaws in the book, yet I'm sitting here deleting everything over and over. Its because I liked the book and when I like a book I want to portray it as very awesome and make others want to read it too.

So I'll do my best in making it sound interesting.

As I was saying, Going Too Far is a book about a claustrophobic, blue haired punk girl named Meg. Meg is sort of a slut in my opinion, she is technically not dating the guy in the beginning, Eric (I think thats his name, haha). It starts with Meg and Eric and another couple wasted on a bridge. Talking about a myth about kids getting hit by the train that comes at night. Anyways both of the couples are pressed up against a wall doing their own thing, as Meg goes "Did you hear that?" Okay maybe not those exact lines, but thats always what people say when they are paranoid. Meg begins to question if the pot is making her crazy or if she is really hearing things.

Turns out Meg was hearing something. She was hearing the silent hum of the police car that arrests them. Meg and the other girl are taken into the police car that first arrives on the scene. They end up being taken to the police station. All the other kids but Meg get to go home because her parents basically disowned her and don't give a fuck anymore about her, so she chills at the police station until Officer After decides to put her in a cell. Little does he know she is claustrophobic, Meg hyperventilates and passes out.

So after the arrest, instead of having to pay the fines or go to juvenile detention or whatever its called, Officer After or Johnafter(how he is referred in the book) comes up with a plan that totally screws over the kids trip to the beach for Spring Break. Meg ends up getting stuck on duty with John for a week.

The funny thing is Meg thinks John is like 40 and married and has kids. But John is a well built, sexy 19 year old cop who is a kick-ass artist and also refuses to leave the small town they live in.

So basically while Meg thinks John is old, well build cop she plans to seduce him away from his wife; which oddly is very funny to me.

Anyways you get the idea of the story, Meg falls for John. John falls for Meg. Though it cuts deeper than that, you get to find out why Meg is claustrophobic and why John refuses to leave the town.

Thats all I have to say, so buy it or check it out. Its a fast and enjoyable read, I don't see a reason not to read it!

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