Friday, July 23, 2010

Bloom by Elizabeth Scoot

Bloom by Elizabeth Scott.

3/5 stars.

I read this book last night right after I finished reading Going Too Far. Reading books right after each other on the same day is very confusing and sometimes my brain deletes information and stores other information. So recalling this book was basically me reading the back of the book again and my brain rebooting and collecting the deleted data.

So bear (or is it bare) with me on this review because before I reread the back of the book I couldn't even remember the characters names.

This book is an okay book in my opinion, I enjoyed it; yet I didn't love it. It also had a few annoying points in the book which I'll get to later.

Anyways, Bloom is book about a girl named Lauren who has the perfect boyfriend. Yeah I'm serious thats the storyline. So as I was saying Lauren is dating totally perfect, football star boyfriend, Dave. On the back of the book, it says Lauren has good friends, though I say she has a good friend, cause basically Lauren has her best friend, Dave and thats about it. So technically speaking the back of the book is wrong, but I guess it could refer to the friend she gets later on in the story.

As I was saying, Lauren has super duper perfect boyfriend Dave. Thats not the whole entire story, thank god, or I would have not picked up the book in the first place. So Lauren is dating Dave, her insignificant life can't be any duller until Evan Kirkland reappears in her life.

Evan literally shakes Lauren's world into a spiraling chaos. She begins to question her perfect relationship with Dave, of course, I hope you all saw that coming like I did. But just wait this book has a twist, her and Evan used to live together, you know kinda like siblings, because you know this book had to have something else to complete it. So I'll go over that, Lauren has mommy issues, meaning her mom up and left her and her dad when she was little. Then her dad had dating issues and would date women for short amount periods of time and then let them move in with her and then cheat on them and get a new woman in the house shortly after.

Thats where Evan comes in. Her dad meets Mary right around the time her mom left, maybe a 1-2 year gap I think. So Mary and Evan move in and become a sort of family. Then it ends bad and they leave. Flash forward to high school and Lauren is sitting next to Evan in her torturous World History class. Thus the attraction begins. I won't add much more about the book, I'll let you find out the rest for yourself.

Anyways though, the book had some points that really annoyed me. Like for instance Lauren always thinking about her mom leaving them. And then her dad was rather annoying, never being there and never letting her drive herself anywhere afraid she was going to take off. And then the whole Lauren + Evan or Lauren + Dave crap was rather annoying and over drawn. Also her relationship with her best friend was annoying, though Lauren was a pretty shitty friend. Its just that Lauren was soo obsessed with being the popular couple, though truthfully Dave was the popular one not her and yet she mentions over and over about why she isn't popular yet.

The book is okay, the most parts I loved were her and Evan together. Lauren and Dave together was just annoying because Lauren always was acting and trying to be popular and I just couldn't wait til she left Dave's side to spend time with Dave.

But overall its a fast and easy read, can easily finish it in a couple hours. So check it out.

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