Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Turning by Jennifer Armintrout

The Turning by Jennifer Armintrout.

2/5 stars. I haven't read a book that I loved in forever, it makes me not want to read any other of the books I have checked out because I check out books I believe are going to be amazing. Yet 2 books in a row are rather disgusting and boring. Way below my expectations.

I wanted tons of romance out of this book. Maybe a little more sex too. And a little-less nastiness. Like for example, the eye balls being put in the drink or ripped out of peoples eyes to replace the missing eyeball. Yeah, not soo pleasant.

Anyways, this book is about Dr. Carrie who gets the short end of the stick. She gets attacked in the morgue when she goes to see the body of the victim she ran away from. She ran away because his injuries were severe and yet he was still alive and looking at her. So she chickened out. Then another doctor questions her abilities and asks her why she wants to even be a doctor, so she mans up and goes to face the dead john doe.

You know the drill, she goes down there and john doe isn't there. Turns around bam there he is. He attacks her, she screams. Blood flying into her mouth, yada yada. She gets a good. She passes out when other doctors arrive. He is gone.

Basically in every vampire book, there are different ways to become a vampire. I believe in this one they have to ingest the others blood and then die. And bam hello eternal life. So after the other doctors find Carrie they rush to save her, she flat lines on the table, they bring her back and she pops up like a jack in the box, just kidding, she doesn't pop up on the table, haha that would've been funny though.

Also in some vampire books, there is a connection between the maker and the new vampire. Or the "sire" and "fledgling". The connection is supposed to be strong, strong like love.

Anyways, the book is basically about Carrie becoming a vampire and then discovering she has to make a choice, join a vampire group(The Movement) that is killing all the vampires until they are extinct or be killed right away. She tells them no one can tell me what to do and basically through out the whole book she remains undecided.

On the good side (which would be the Movement's side) there is the vampire who teaches her stuff about her kind, Nathan. And on the bad side there is her sire, Cyrus, who love for her is a little disturbing and I want to say fake, but that isn't the right word. Hmmm.....

So to sum the book up Carrie is stuck between having feeling for both Nathan and Cyrus; even if one is a complete freak, murdered and child molester.

This isn't such a bad book but it wasn't the best. Read at your own desire.

Won't be buying this unless book 2 is really kick-ass.

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