Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson

The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson.

3/5 stars.

Sat down and read this book yesterday. Its a good book but not good enough for me to buy it. Yes I kept reading it like I was in one of my reading coma's but overall I won't buy it.

The Sky is Everywhere is about a girl named Lennie or later called John Lennon in the book. Lennie is a shadow, or used to be a shadow until her older sister, Bailey, just dropped dead one day. After a month of staying home Lennie returns to school and meets Joe, from France, "a music prodigy" everyone in the band calls him. Lennie is in a depressed state and Joe is like a freaking beaming ray of smiles, that Lennie gets sucked into his easy going, weird smiling when she first meets him.

Joe is not the only love interest in this book. There is Toby, Bailey's boyfriend. Basically Lennie has two guys; Joe, who makes the sadness go away and Toby, who she can be with and let it all out. Lennie's and Toby's emo-sit together eventually take a sick twist, to the point they almost have sex. There is one scene in the book where Bailey notices Toby has an erection when he is hugging her and she pulls away and later in the book, she thinks " This is what I hear in my mind: boner, boner, erection, hard-on,woody, boner, boner, boner--". Lennie is somewhat of a girl with crazy sexual needs, though she is a virgin and has only been kissed 3 times.

Besides the two boys in Lennie's life there is her Gran and her Uncle Big. Yes. Thats what they call him. Apparently Uncle Big is like a pimp in the town they live in. Every woman fawning over him, lets not forget he is a major pot head, with a booming voice, and a knowledge of plants. Speaking of plants, there is a plant in this story that according to her Gran and Uncle Big, it is Lennie. And Plant Lennie is dying and they don't know what to do. So basically the plant symbolizes Lennie and her no longer being a shadow or a mini pony (reference from the book.)

My opinion, read it. Its a good book to sit down and read. Yeah sure Lennie gets the emotional hots for her dead sister's boyfriend. Don't we all? Just kidding, I thought about that and was like I don't see how that possibly could happen, but hey not my book. I would love to spoil it and tell you who she ends up with but that would be mean XD

Enjoy it!

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