Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hourglass by Claudia Gray (Contains Spoilers)


3/5 stars.

Bianca, what happens to you, sucks. Very stupid of you to choose that over the other thing.

Angry with this book. Angry with the characters. Angry with the author.

Seriously. I did not want that to happen.

This romance seriously sucks. 2 okay books, then this one is great. I was excited, excited she was finally becoming a vampire, but nooo Claudia Gray screws me over and gives me exactly what I don't want. And then I was okay fine, she is going to please me again, she has too. She doesn't.

So here we go anyways.

This is book 3 out of the Evernight series. It follows Bianca, who is a child born of two vampire parents. With a twist that you learn in book #2, they had help from wraiths aka "ghosts" to get prego with Bianca, there was a whole deal set in place; that when Bianca "died" she would become a wraith. Though her parents didn't want that, so thus the whole book #2 story. Vampires vs Wraiths. Etc etc. Read book #2.

So like I was saying, this book follows Bianca and basically her boyfriend Lucas. At the end of book #2, Evernight academy was being raided by Black Cross (vampire hunters). They successfully burned down the school. Black Cross believes Bianca is a human student at the vampire school and take her with them. Black Cross goes into lock down after the raid on the school, hiding from the vampires who they believe would want revenge, when they really just want Bianca back.

Anyways, her and Lucas are there together. They go through a series of event: Bianca going through training with another human student from the school, finding ways for Bianca to get blood, and vampires attacking. Eventually they break away from Black Cross after two serious event. A.) A vampire is captured that her and Lucas know and B) I will not reveal.

So yes basically, this book is about Bianca and Lucas getting away from the vampires and vampire hunters. They find a peace in a place a friend helps them get for awhile, until things start happening to Bianca; which leads to me getting very upset and wanting to stop reading.

I won't reveal anymore, just that I'm extremely pissed with the end and how Bianca gave up near the end.

Can't say I'm excited for book #4. Why would I want to read a book after the last one highly disappointed and upset me?

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